PhotonVPS Coupon, Get Attractive Discount and Review

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PhotonVPS coupon

PhotonVPS and The review of This

In the web industry, the hosting term is an essential. Various types of hosting plans are available. Among all of them, VPS hosting is very effective. To assure the VPS hosting plans, many companies have been developed at this time. Among all of them, PhotonVPS is a helpful one to the users. It affords various types of hosting plans with the needed conditions. PhotonVPS provides the VPS hosting plans with the supportive cpanel section or Plesk. It offers various types of facilities in the VPS hosting plans like distributive storage system, DdoS migration, server monitoring system etc. So, please get the windows cloud & multiple VPS providers with coupon and have PhotonVPS discount.

Cloud Website and Cloud server section of PhotonVPS

Inside the cloud website section, you will get all the needed facilities like site building option, auto script installation process, dedicated resources management process, server controlling terms and so on. Inside this, there exist two packages like Start-up section and Enterprise section. The start-up section offers various features like 25GB disk space, 500GB bandwidth facility, 1 GB Ram, 2 GBps DdoS migration and so on. The Enterprise web hosting plan includes 100 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth facility, 4 GB Ram and so on terms. The Start-up and the Enterprise plans are available through the price of $4.97/month and $9.97/month sequentially.

In the Cloud server section, you will get two categories like Linux based and the Windows based server system. All of these two packages offer various plans under each section with the supportive conditions. The Linux based cloud server section includes 6 various plans like SSD-X, SSD-1, SSD-2, SSD-3, SSD-4 and SSD-5. To get these packages, you will have to pay $5.95/month, $10.95/month, $20.95/month, $40.95/month, $80.95/month and $160.95/month sequentially.

The Windows based cloud server section also offers the same named plans with the little variation of pricing issue. Both these two packages like the Linux section and the Windows section offer a wide range of features with the needed conditions like server monitoring system, control panel maintaining process with the real time activity, free 2GBps migration process for DdoS section and so on.

PhotonVPS coupon

Forex VPS system and Backup condition under PhotonVPS

PhotonVPS offers four plans for the Forex VPS section. These packages are: Forex 1, Forex 2, Forex 3, Forex 4 and Forex 5. To get these packages, you will need to pay only $23.95/month, $33.95/month, $48.95/month and $89.95/month without the promo code. To handle the Forex VPS section, PhotonVPS offers a lot of facilities like flexible data enter management issue, flexible security system, user friendly control panel and so on. In the backup section, PhotonVPS offers almost 6 packages with the variety of the features. All of these include continuous data protection system, quick restore method, online and offline based backup mood etc.

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