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Panorama Studio Discount

Among various types of image styles, panoramic images are very much popular. Some impressive software and tools are there to generate these images. Among these, Panorama Studio is one of the bests. This product is an independent solution for creating some full-featured panoramic photos.

Panorama Studio Review and Features

Nowadays, we can capture a panorama image with a good quality smartphone. But, these images cannot capture a wide area efficiently. That is why, you cannot use these photos for any professional purpose. That is why, it is better to depend on a solution, which can deal with the panoramic photos very easily and efficiently. My recommendation is to depend on the Panorama Studio. After purchasing this software, there is no need to depend any other tools to customize and create any panorama photo. So, purchase the reviewed easy & secure online booking system with discount and avail the Panorama Studio coupon in 2022.

360 Degree Photos

As I mentioned earlier, different types of mobile phones can capture the panorama photos. But, it is very tough to generate some 360 degree photos. You can generate such images by using some simple ones. All you need is to purchase the Panorama Studio. A very impressive stitching function is offered by this solution. That is why, it can stitch a set of photos to generate a 360 degree panorama image. Another important thing is, you don’t have to use any professional camera to capture these raw images. A simple camera can do the trick. We can see that, the alignment cannot be done properly in many 360 degree or wide angle photos. Panorama Studio solves this problem too. It can automatically align the images and then blend those efficiently.

Panorama Studio

Panorama Studio Discount and Attractive Pricing

Panorama Studio is a popular product of Tshsoft brand. Two popular editions of this product are available. To purchase its 3.1 version, you have to pay only 39.95 USD excluding the discount. This solution will provide you all the basic features. Many professionals may not happy with these basic features only. For them, Panorama Studio Pro Edition is offered. According to 17 March 2018, the price of this advanced edition is only 79.90 USD. There is another edition of this product and that is the Viewer Edition. It can be purchased by paying only 59 USD. This one is a commercial license, which can be accessed via internet.

Some Pro Features

The Pro License of this product comes with many professional quality features. For example, it supports the multi-row panorama photos. It is one of those very few solutions, which supports different kinds of equirectangular images. Fisheye lenses are one of the most popular professional lenses. Panorama Studio can deal with any image captured with this type of lenses. Another important thing it, it can handle all kinds of 2D, as well as 3D images.

Therefore, please purchase with Panorama Studio discount in 2022 and have the easy & secure online booking system with coupon.