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OPC Scada Viewer Discount

It is possible to control different types of monitoring and controlling devices through the OPC server. This server is capable of converting the hardware communication protocol into a convenient digital version. OPC Scada Viewer helps to exchange different kinds of data between the OPC Server and different PLC.

Small Review of OPC Scada Viewer

We know that an OPC interface can be used for showing different types of data received from various systems. But sometimes, it becomes very difficult to see these data in real time. There are some indicators, which can show the OPC tag values. You have to see these indicators very easily too. For all these tasks, it is better to depend on the OPC Scada Viewer. This software will let you access every piece of important data with ease. This product of AGG Software has achieved a big popularity because of its amazing features. Please obtain with OPC Scada coupon and get the windows data base displaying software with discount.

Supports Multiple Servers

The OPC Scada Viewer is capable of getting data from a single OPC server very efficiently. But sometimes, you may need to deal with multiple servers simultaneously. In such cases, this software can work very efficiently too. It will show all the data on a single screen. This tool supports various types of digital, as well as analog OPC indicators. Similarly, it can work with various data types too. Some of these data are logical values, integers, and strings. OPC Scada Viewer will allow you to customize different indicators. You can use different colors, font types, and limits to customize each of those. This software can send some warning when an OPC tag exceeds its limit.

OPC Scada Viewer

User Defined Expressions

Some users like to scale the OPC values by using some used defined expressions. This software will let you set such scaling with ease. It is a fact that the OPC server connection can be lost any time. In general, you have to reconnect with that server manually. But, this task should not be done after purchasing OPC Scada Viewer. This software has an automated controlling facility. It can reconnect to a server automatically. At the same time, this feature is very much helpful to control a server.

OPC Scada Viewer Discount and Pricing

I have mentioned some major features of OPC Scada Viewer. All these features are available in both the paid licenses of this product. Its Standard License is available for only $45, according to this post creating time except the discount. On the other hand, you have to pay $69.95 to purchase its Professional Edition. This license comes with some advanced features, along with each and every standard feature. There are only a few tools, which can use different VB scripts for a single visualization block. OPC Scada Viewer Professional is one of these tools. This software is also capable of writing different values to an OPC server.

In such way, please take the reviewed windows data base displaying software with coupon and obtain the OPC Scada discount.