NeverBounce Review | Avail Pricing for the Email Service

Generating an email list is not the only important thing. The more important thing is to remove invalid addresses from that tool. In doing this task, you can use NeverBounce. This is a reliable email address verification and cleaning solution.


Review of NeverBounce

Suppose you have a huge mailing list. And, you are predicting a reasonable conversion rate by using this list for marketing. But, if that list has invalid entries or duplicate entries, your campaign will not get a big success. There will be a higher bounce rate. This problem can easily be solved with an email validation checker and cleaner. NeverBounce is a reliable solution for this task.

Email List Analysis

A high email bounce rate is always a big problem for marketers. To minimize this rate, NeverBounce is an excellent solution. It will efficiently analyze a list before it is used in a project. It will never consider historical data to verify any list. Instead, this software will utilize its real-time functionality to do so. Its mail server validation program is powerful. That is why you can verify all kinds of accounts with it. All types of duplicate entries will be removed by NeverBounce very easily. Similarly, it has an impressive domain health checker.

Neverbounce review

Amazing Dashboard

Though NeverBounce is a top-quality solution, it is very easy to use. This software dashboard will help you deal with lists of any size. We know about various tools that can verify multiple email addresses simultaneously. While coping with bulk accounts, these tools often make mistakes. For this reason, you will be able to check every email account separately from the dashboard of this software. After creating a list, a marketer usually integrates that with different platforms. NeverBounce helps to do that with ease. A custom API is another excellent feature of this solution. It can deal with 1 thousand free email verifications in a month. You will be able to monitor the API usage very easily. Similarly, a JavaScript widget is another excellent feature of this solution.

NeverBounce Pricing

Every person may not need to use this platform to deal with the same number of emails. That is why it offers a custom service. You have to pay as per the targeted number of email accounts. Depending on this number, your cost will be varied. For example, if a customer wants a maximum of 10 thousand email accounts, the price per mail will be only $0.008. After the first 10 thousand, its unit price will be decreased. Then, you have to pay $0.005 for up to 100 thousand emails each. After that, this price will be reduced to only USD 0.004/mail for a maximum of 250 thousand accounts. NeverBounce also has an enterprise package. It can be bought if your target is more than one million mail accounts.