Name Hero Discounts, Coupon Codes| May 2022 Promo

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Name Hero Discount

In the web development industry, hosting is a popular one platform. In this section, a lot of companies are already available. All of them didn’t occupy required support as well as the benefits because of having low facilities and the supports. But, if you are looking for a reliable and dedicated one hosting platform, then I will suggest you an amazing one platform which is Name Hero. Name Hero is considered as a cloud based web hosting company which runs its activities from the US. It offers a wide range of hosting services for its customers. This company has been trusted by a lot of website owners. In fact; all of them consider this like a heroic one web hosting platform. Hence, purchase the reviewed powerful cloud based web hosting solution with discount and obtain the Name Hero coupon.

Name Hero Review and Features

Name Hero issues many helpful facilities in the hosting section. Among of them, cloud based VPS hosting and the shared hosting are the supportive ones. The target market of this platform is not only the individual users but also for the business platforms. Here, many cost effective plans can be found with dedicated services and the facilities. While comparing with hosting services, customers mainly seek for the available space, backup server and related services. All these conditions can be obtained within this. Moreover, you will observe some more amazing features like built-in email accounts, FTP accounts, bandwidth facilities etc.

name hero

Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting

Inside Name Hero, you will observe web hosting at the initial stage. Here, four different plans are available. These are: Starter Cloud, Plus Cloud, Turbo Cloud and Business Cloud. The Starter cloud is valid for up-to 10,000 visits on a monthly basis. To purchase this, you need to pay only $3.58/month. The next one is Plus Cloud which is available with $5.18/month. With $7.98/month, you can purchase Turbo Cloud. The last one which is Business Cloud is available with $11.98/month condition. Inside the Reseller Hosting section, four different plans are available which are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Here, Silver plan is suitable for the beginner level users. To purchase this, only $11.23/month is needed. To purchase Gold, Platinum and Diamond, you will have to pay $14.83/month, $18.88/month and $30.13/month sequentially.

Name Hero Discount and Pricing

Inside VPS hosting, Name Hero offers four different plans. These are: Hero 2GB, Hero 4GB, Hero 6GB and Hero 8GB. Here, Hero 2GB is suitable for the developers. To purchase these four plans, you need to pay $21.97/month, $24.47/month, $40.12/month and $48.37 sequentially without any kind of promo code. Then, if you access into Cloud Dedicated, you will find four different plans. These are: Standard Cloud, Enhanced Cloud, Enterprise Cloud and Hypersonic Cloud. All these are suitable for full professional activities. In this case, Standard cloud is available with $153.97/month condition. The last three plans ask $192.47/month, $269.47/month and $368.47/month in a sequential way.

Therefore, please get with Name Hero discount and purchase the powerful cloud based web hosting solution with coupon.