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Short Review of the MyArcadePlugin

You may know about different kinds of WordPress Plugin. Arcade scripts may also be known to you. Those scripts will not satisfy you completely for publishing games. But MyArcadePlugin will do that for sure. By purchasing this you will get very powerful arcade solutions for your WordPress websites. It is full of all the important features. Even it can be extended in operations and flexibility by the additional extensions. If you liked the product review, then get it from our site at cheaply with the coupon and discount in 2022. No need of any additional coupon code here. Some main points about this are:

Import with Comfort

Each of the packages of the MyArcadePlugin offers some stunning import facilities. It will help you to import the flash game very easily. All the arcade scripts are not capable of importing the zip and IBPArcade games. But this innovative solution can do that perfectly. Similarly, you can also import all the DCR Games. MyArcadePlugin works with various game distributors. Some of those are the GamePix, 2PG, UnityFeeds and Kongregate etc.

Other Important Features

This complete arcade solution will let you enjoy so many features. It is perfect for game fetching. Downloading of screenshots, files and thumbnails of the games can be done easily by it. Automated fetching is one of the main features of this product. You can publish your item very easily by MyArcadePlugin. This WordPress tool will let you delete or publish single and multiple games at the same time. You can also remove the unnecessary files. Before publishing, it is very important to play the selected items. This plugin will let you do so. For all its operations, very little time will be needed. Fast translation facility of it will impress you a lot. The premium users of MyArcadePlugin will get priority support from the team. This WordPress plugin is compatible with all types of themes. So you don’t have to be tensed about the compatibility issues.

MyArcadePlugin Coupon Code & Pricing

Different types of packages of this product are available. By considering the requirements of your project, you just have to choose the correct package. According to the post writing time, the price of the Starter plan is only 20€. This small pack is for 7 game distributors. It also supports 6 different import methods. This one is only for a single installation. The Pro, Ultimate and Carefree packs are available with more facilities. All these are for 12 game distributors and unlimited installation. These support 9 import methods. You can purchase the Pro plan by 30€. The Ultimate Plan is for fetched games and the price of it is 35€ without the promo code. Carefree pack is available for 60€ and free setup service is included in it. Each of these 4 packs is available for one time fees. Before choosing any of these, you can choose the MyArcadePlugin Lite for free. This one offers some basic features which will give you some idea about this arcade solution.

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