MSP360 Drive Discounts, Coupon Codes| August 2022 Promo

Have 15% cashback providing as the MSP360 Drive discount. Please see following MSP360D image for this discount process.

MSP360 Drive Discount

It is possible to map cloud storages as network or external drives. In doing so, a reliable solution should be used. MSP360 Drive is one of the most popular solutions for this task. It is very easy to use also.

MSP360 Drive Review and Benefits

There should not be any doubt that CloudBerry was one of the most popular solutions for cloud and network drive apps. It provides a software that helps map cloud storages as an external or network drive. Then, you can easily access this storage by using Windows Desktop or Windows Server. Currently, the name of this software is MSP360 Drive. With this new name, it comes with so many old and new features. So, take the reviewed cloud storage windows managed backup service software with discount and obtain the MSP360 Drive coupon.

Very Easy Solution

Though there are some other tools that are useful for mapping cloud storages as network drives, the most of these solutions are very difficult to handle. MSP360 Drive is a very easy solution to run this operation. You will face no problem while installing and configuring this software. Another important thing is it can integrate any cloud storage of your choice. After installing it, there is no need to face any difficulty while accessing the cloud storage. That storage can be accessed just like a local or an external drive. MSP360 Drive is also very helpful for moving necessary files into the cloud. And, these files can easily be returned into any local disk. There are different types of third-party apps that use cloud storages. This software is helpful for using cloud with all these third-party apps.

MSP360 Drive


Strong Encryption

When essential data will be saved to the cloud, you have to think about their security. This software is capable of encrypting all these data with a high efficiency. So, there is no need to encrypt any data manually before storing those. Another important thing is, this software is able to map both the FTP and SFTP servers. Sometimes, users may need to automate various tasks with the command line interface. But, only a few tools support this interface. MSP360 Drive is one of these solutions.

MSP360 Drive Discount and Pricing

MSP360 Drive is available for Windows Desktops and Windows Server. If you want to access it for a single Windows Desktop, then only $39.99 should be paid except the discount. There are volume discount facilities with it. For example, if you get 10 licenses of this solution at a time, then only $349.90 should be paid in total. That means, per unit cost will become only USD 34.99. Similarly, you can thousands of licenses at a time. To get MSP360 Drive for Windows Server, only USD 79.99 should be paid. You don’t have to deal with any kind of monthly recurring fees. Rather, each of these packages is available for a one-time fee.

Hence, please purchase with MSP360 Drive discount in 2022. Eventually, kindly avail the cloud storage windows managed backup service software with coupon.