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Sorry the following cash back offer for Monkey Playr is no longer valid, as per Monkey Playr terms we cannot provide cash back. You need to purchase it at full price. We apologize for this.


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Monkey Playr discount

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Overview of Monkey Playr

Monkey Playr is an online based YouTube player. With the help of this tool you can import videos from YouTube to your website. This software tries to create a video blog followed by YouTube. The best thing about this player is that this fully customizable. With hundreds of customization the software is very unique from any other player available in the market. This software can import any videos directly from YouTube. This software makes your video blog library very rich with YouTube largest video online library. This tool has the capability to import any videos from YouTube or local drive directly to your website or blog. This software can reduce the cost for video hosting as this directly import video from YouTube. This is also supports affiliate business program. You can boost your sale simply by adding videos with this software with AutoPlay plug in. This will attract a lot of customers to your website or blog. The interface of this software is very soothing to Newby user. No type of coding is required by this software. This software is designed to optimize the video interface directly from YouTube so you don’t need of your own hosting. But if you wish to import videos directly from your self hosted video gallery you can. But of course the video format must to in MP4. Have this excellent product with the discount through our link and no discount code is necessary for this at all. Avail this Monkey Playr coupon and save some good money on this phenomenal product.

Key Features of The Software

Monkey Playr is software which is loaded with lots of features. We just can’t finish telling all the details about hose features. You can specify on a video to fix a section to watch simply by adding star and end time on video. Even you can add plug in to AutoPlay any videos. Want to keep clean and unbranded player simply adds modest branding and remove logos from the video. You can set a loop on videos to play continuously. The total software in encoded with https which is highly recommended for online payments. And also this type of coding features 720 and 1080 p videos streaming. The video player is fully customizable. You can set the heights and width of the video player. Video players can be transferred into fully responsive mode. You can disable any video information that was attached to the video. If there is any disturbance add to the video this software can remove that for you. Simply created players can be edited through the dashboard. It is supported in both HTMl and WordPress and this is a fully web based application. So there is no record for installing any kind of thing on the computer. Monkey Playr supports with almost every website building supports.

Price and Discount of the Product

Monkey Playr offers service at a very low cost. The cost is so efficient that anyone is capable of buying this product. This software offers lifetime subscription and no weekly or monthly or yearly or recurring fees. It costs $20 for a lifetime subscription without the discount being included.

The Monkey Playr  discount provides you a great scope for purchasing this fantabulous product at a cheap price. We hope you avail and love this coupon service.