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Mobicip Coupon

Review of Mobicip

Nowadays, everybody has access to the internet as it’s necessary for a variety of purposes. Various users use the internet for business or corporate purposes while others use it for educational means at school. However, not everything on the internet is safe and healthy as it also contains harmful and disturbing content. And hence, children are the ones who are most at risk of running into such unsafe contents. Therefore, to provide basic protection and security, there is a highly recommended software called Mobicip. Mobicip allows parents and teachers to effectively monitor children’s and young students’ activities on the internet. In such way, please  purchase the reviewed most popular parental smartphones control app with coupon and get the Mobicip discount. Now let’s look at some of the features provided:

Simple to Use

Mobicip is extremely easy to get started with and it’s very friendly to both new and experienced users. This software is a web-based application, which means it involves no complications such as lengthy installation or downloading large updates. There is no need for the users to learn extra technical skills or programming languages to use this software. The only thing the users have to do is create an account and that’s it. From the account created, Mobicip enables users to control and manage all internet activities on all the devices. This software works on multiple platforms, therefore there won’t be any issue regarding compatibility.


Effective Tools

Mobicip delivers its users with some of the most technologically advanced tools to help monitor and filter internet usage. App monitoring enables users to manage the applications being downloaded and also over-watch the activities. Whenever a certain application is started, users will be immediately notified to keep track of it. Users can customize the settings related to browsing the internet, and implement features such as adding filters for safe search. Every time someone browses the internet, users will get a full report of browsing history to be reviewed. Spending too much time browsing the internet is unhealthy, thus to tackle this problem, users can setup browsing time limits.

Mobicip Coupon and Pricing plan

Mobicip has a variety of packages which are purchasable at a very affordable price. Their Basic package is provided free of charge while their Premium package can be purchased for $39.99 per year excluding the coupon. Premium package provides protection for up to five devices and contains all the features from Basic package. If the user feels dissatisfied with the product, the subscription can be cancelled anytime.

In conclusion, please gain with Mobicip coupon. Eventually get the most popular parental smartphones control app with discount.