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MITCalc Coupon

There are some reliable companies providing different types of professional calculators. Among those, MITCalc is a very popular name. It is a reliable brand to so many mechanical and industrial engineers. It provides different types of essential calculations for these engineering fields.

Features and Review of MITCalc

For a general computer user, there is no lack of software and tools. Plenty of tools are available for each category. But, things are not such sweet in case of the mechanical, technical, and industrial engineers. They have to calculate different types of beams, shafts, chains, gears, and belts, etc. In most of the cases, they cannot find any reliable tool in doing these calculations. MITCalc has solved this problem. This brand comes with so many good quality engineering level calculators. Each of these products is affordable too. Hence, purchase the reviewed multi-language mechanical & technical calculation solution with coupon and gain the MITCalc discount.

Straight Beams Calculation

If you are looking for a tool to calculate some straight beams, then this product of MITCalc can be recommended. It is capable of dealing with different types of static indefinite beams. Different types of cross sections can be present in a beam. It can calculate the area of each of these cross sections. There are certain characteristics of a beam. These characteristics should be measured before choosing one for your project. For example, you have to calculate the stress, bending moment, and deflection of a beam. MITCalc Straight Beams Calculation can be used in this task. It will also let you create some graphic illustration of these characteristics.


Spring Designer

Helical Compression Cylindrical Sprigs is another important product of this brand. We know that the springs are very much important for various types of mechanical and industrial projects. That is why, this product of MITCalc is strongly recommended to you. It will let you design a spring with ease. You just have to mention some properties. Then, it will design that spring automatically. This calculator also helps to calculate the dimensions, strength, and other parameters of a spring.

Some other products of this brand are Gear Rack Design, Shaft Design and Calculation, Welded Connections, and Tooted Belts Calculation, etc.

MITCalc Coupon and Affordable Pricing

You can purchase each of the products of MITCalc separately. For example, the Straight Beams Calculation can be purchased by paying only 14 EUR. The Compression Springs of this company is available for only 19 EUR. Instead of purchasing these tools separately, it is better to purchase any of the packages of this brand. Its 2D Calculation Package is available for only 69 EUR/year. It can also be bought without any time limit. In that case, only 249 EUR should be paid. MITCalc 3D Calculation Package is an impressive one too. As per 1 April 2019, it can be enjoyed by paying only 79 EUR/year, or 299 EUR for a lifetime excluding coupon. Each product of this brand comes with every necessary extension.

Finally, please take with MITCalc coupon and have the multi-language mechanical & technical calculation solution with discount.