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Review and Features of Micfo

For ordinary websites or blogs, many companies are there to provide the hosting facilities. But some of those companies offer the hosting services for the business websites. Micfo is one of those companies to offer such services. And for the other types of websites, this company also offers the managed hosting and other services. And this company is the first choice of many customers as the hosting provider, you can rely on the services. So, please purchase the managed hosting & IT infrastructure solution with discount and have Micfo coupon. Here are the main features of some services it offers:

Powerful Dedicated Servers

People prefer the dedicated servers more than the shared servers for reasons. The Micfo Dedicated Servers show better performance than the shared servers. You will also be able to control these servers very easily. These servers have come with maximum reliability. So you can easily control all the applications very easily. Security monitoring has made this service more reliable. You will love the flexibility of the dedicated Servers. Various configuration options are there and that is why you will get what you need. You may need a specific type of data security and protection solution. Micfo will provide those to the server. For providing high class connectivity, this company has multiple datacenters. And the 99.9% uptime guarantee has made this service highly recommendable to all types of websites.

Business Hosting Features

If you are looking for powerful hosting facility for your business websites, then the Micfo Business Hosting can be recommended. cPanel control panel is undoubtedly the most impressive feature of this service. With the help of this control panel, you can easily manage the domains and email accounts. And it will also help you to publish your data very easily. One-click installation option is another very useful feature of this Micfo service. It will help you to install more than 50 very useful applications with just one click. This hosting service can deal with so many email accounts, domains and unlimited subdomains. Similarly, it also offers the file manager and backup services. For transferring the files, this service has come with unlimited FTP accounts supports.

Micfo discount

Reasonable Pricing Plans and Discount

Micfo has offered completely reasonable pricing for all the plans of their services. For the Dedicated Servers, this company has offered 4 different plans. One of those is the Intel Xeon E3-1230V2. This one includes the 4 cores CPU and 8 GB memory. It also offers 320 GB storage and 15 TB bandwidth. And the monthly price of this product is only 149 USD as per 7 September 2016. Similarly, there are three different plans for the Micfo Business Hosting. Among those, Enterprise plan can be considered as the Best Value plan. This one is available for only 21 USD per month. The main attraction of this product is it has come with unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth. And this service also supports unlimited number of domains, email accounts and databases.

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