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MassMedia SEO discount

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MassMedia SEO Review

You can consider the MassMedia SEO as a premium tool for search engine optimization. It will help you to get more traffic in the quickest possible time. There are so many ways to get the traffics. But the search engines love the press releases. The press releases can contain the texts, images and videos. With the help of this premium tool, you can distribute those contents worldwide. And then you will get a huge number of traffic very easily. At the same time, search engine optimization will also be done. This brilliant product has become much more affordable with the discount offer. Besides, you don’t need to apply any additional discount code to get the MassMedia SEO coupon. Here are some features of this product.

The Main Features

This product has so many impressive features for distributing the contents. It can spread out the press releases to almost everywhere. These will be distributed to all the search engines. And more importantly, the MassMedia SEO will distribute the press releases to the news sites and blogs. Some of those blogs and sites are Bing News, and New York Times. Not only the national, but also the international sites will be the target for distributing. MassMedia SEO will also send the press releases to the websites of TV stations. Some of those are NBC and ABC. After sending all the articles containing texts and videos, it will provide you detailed reports.

Some Additional Facilities

The MassMedia SEO has achieved huge popularity for the main features along with some additional facilities. This product will help you to add videos on the press releases. You just have to use the YouTube links of those videos. Automatically it will stream those videos to their own channel. It can also work with the Video Synd Alpha. Using that, it can embed the videos in the websites. Similarly, it takes help from the Bookmark Alpha to save the bookmarks of the YouTube Videos. Your videos will be distributed to thousands of channels. Actually the main channel of MassMedia SEO is connected with so many other channels. So you don’t have to waste your time to distribute those. And their channel is also connected with so many BlogSpot accounts and Google Plus pages.

Different Pricing Options and Discount

In terms of the number of monthly press releases, the MassMedia SEO has three plans. One of those is for 5 press releases per month. To enjoy that, you have to pay 77 USD per month excluding the discount. If your target is big, then you can choose the 10 press releases plan. As per 21 April 2016, cost for this plan is only 127 USD per month. But the most cost effective option will be the package of 20 monthly press releases. The cost for that one is only 197 USD for each month. Actually, considering the basic features and some advanced facilities, this pricing is very much impressive. It can be seen in other cases that you have to pay 200 USD for each press release. But the MassMedia SEO is too much comfortable in terms of pricing.

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