MailTag Coupon: Obtain Attractive Discount and Review

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MailTag Coupon

In the section of online marketing, many criteria are needed to assure to achieve targeted profit. Among of them, email tracking and the marketing strategies are really crucial. If you can’t handle this activity in a professional way, then there is the chance to lose a massive amount of targeted subscribers. To help you in this case, MailTag is a powerful one solution. MailTag is really a powerful one solution by which you can assure more sales as well as the leads in a short time. In most cases, emails don’t receive any response. In this case, the sender feels confusion with the idea that if the email has been read or not. To overcome this, MailTag can support you. Hence, please obtain the reviewed powerful auto email tracking & link click tracking software with coupon and gain the MailTag discount.

Review of MailTag and Benefits

MailTag is a dependable one solution for email tracking and the scheduling criteria. This is compatible both for Gmail and GSuite. Besides, it also offers Chrome extension which is mainly integrated with Gmail. It assures a dedicated one dashboard section which makes it really simple to link up emails and the related activities. Most of them, this tool is really very simple to operate from the admin panel.

Features List Offered Here

Within MailTag, the first term is email tracking. So whenever the user writes down any email, it will attach a small image within that mail. After that, whenever that email will be opened, that corresponding image will be loaded up. This means that, that specific email has been opened. By depending on that, it offers real time desktop alerts. The next feature is an email scheduling process. Now, if you want to send out any email in the future, but you want to set it right now, then this tool can support you.


Here, you have to select a date, time and the time zone by depending on the recipient. The rest of the task will be controlled by this solution. The last term is automatic email follow up procedure. To enable this, no more complex activities are required. With the free version, you can send out up-to 3 pings for every single email. In the section of email marketing, this condition is highly beneficial. Some more benefits can be obtained from this tool. Such as, unlimited tracking, real time push notification condition, 24/7 live chat support etc. Moreover, you will also be able to know how many time your specific email has been reopened.

MailTag Coupon and Pricing

At the initial level, you can use the trial version of MailTag without any cost. To purchase the full license, you can choose either Monthly plan or the Annual plan. For the Monthly plan, it asks $12.99/month without the promo code. Now, if you wish to choose Annual package, then you will have to pay $9.99 in every month.

Therefore, please acquire with MailTag coupon and have the powerful auto email tracking & link click tracking software with discount.