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Magic Members and the overview

In our modern life we feel the necessity of the online based communication method. To ensure this process in a flexible method, there are many types of platforms exist by which you can get your exact result. WordPress is one of the easiest methods for any web developer as it offers all the common functionalities to get the facilities. Besides, it is a flexible platform for using many types of plug-ins. For the category of the membership in your site, you can depend on Magic Members. This is one of the effective plug-ins for getting the facilities of the membership addition process. With the helpful support of this plug-in you can simply create any type of membership based site for running any business under the WordPress platform. So, please get the WordPress membership plugin with discount and avail Magic Members coupon.

The functionalities under Magic Members

Magic Members offers some innovative tools to ensure the effective functions under this. You can manage the integration process with GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, AWeber with the available functions of this. This proves the simple integration process of the auto-responder. To add the payment module you can add this plug-in with the PayPal, 2CheckOut, WorldPay, AlertPay, eWay, Money Bookers and so on. Besides, the existing members can be viewed with the allowed tools of Magic Members. In this category, you can also see the status of the members, their level and the corresponding information.

Magic Members discount

The features under magic Members

Magic Members proves a lot of active features for the systematic using process of the plug-in. These features are:

Compatible for the WordPress sites: This active plug-in is formed in such a way that you can apply this in any type of WordPress site. By applying some few conditions and steps you can manage this plug-in for your site, blog etc. While activating this you will need to unzip the file at the beginning. Then you can simply upload it to start up the activation process. Besides, with this platform you can manage the log-in system for the members. Under this category various types of levels can be sent. This ensures the efficient way to update the messages, news for the members.

Export or import users: Under the import feature, the users can import the members to the site who can access in the previous time. All the times, the users can’t add the new members. Sometimes, users can update the activities of the existing members. The contents can be managed with the support of this plug-in. The users can easily define the amount of the content that is needed to view to the members. Beside, the membership levels can also be customized according to your requirement. Moreover, you will get unlimited supports for a single year.

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