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A Short Review of LocaProxy

To meet the business needs, you will need so many things. Many of the people need the network testing as well as application testing. If you are one of them, you will need to get help from the VPN and HTTP Proxy service provider. Now the fact is, so many companies are providing this kind of services. But I can suggest you the LocaProxy. This company has very powerful proxy servers around the whole world. That is why, it can be considered as highly reliable. So, please buy the chrome web store tool with discount and have LocaProxy coupon. Here are the main important features of this service provider:

Powerful and Easy

The HTTP proxy and VPN service are very easy to set up. From the inside of the browser configuration page, you can easily set this thing up. For doing this thing, you can also use the LocaProxy Toolbar with the browser. Mozilla Firefox is highly recommended for using this service. But the other browsers like Internet Explorer of MS and Google Chrome can also be used. Some low quality similar services are there and those cannot work with the HTTPS connections. But the LocaProxy can perfectly work with those. That is why, it can be considered as very powerful. The efficient servers of this service are located at USA, Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain etc.

Ads Free Service

In the case of most of the HTTP proxy service provider, we can see that they display the annoying ads. But the LocaProxy is completely ads free service provider. So, you will enjoy the service without any kind of ads, cookies and pop-ups. While surfing the internet using this proxy service, you will not face any difficulty at all. Just like the normal way, you can use the internet. You can also upload or download necessary files using this service. LocaProxy will not record any kind of intrusive information of yours. So you can use this for doing anything using the internet.

LocaProxy discount

Different Pricing Plans and Discount

This HTTP Proxy Server solution has come with several plans. So all kinds of customers can choose this. The Developer Plan is the lightest of them all. This plan of LocaProxy includes 3 proxy locations and it is for only one user. According to 12 June 2016, the monthly price of this license is $19.95 only without any kind of promo code. If you want to use this solution with 3 user accounts, then the Group Plan is for you. The cost for this one is only $99.95 per month. This product has 5 different proxy locations. The Company Plan of LocaProxy has come with 10 Proxy Locations and 10 user accounts. The cost for this one is 199.95 USD per month. And finally, the Unlimited Plan is the most powerful one. The monthly price of this is 599.95 USD. This license can be enjoyed by unlimited user accounts.

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