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LinkTrackr – Impressive Link Monitoring Tool

For any kind of online marketing or affiliate marketing, you must post several links or ads. But that is not the only task which is important. It is also very important to monitor the links and ads. By doing this, you can be confirmed that which of those are most profitable. But for this task, you have to take help from a solution like LinkTrackr. After signing up to this service, you will get much benefit to detect the best links. No matter your target is high number of links or lower, it will help you. After clicking on the link provided above, you will be entitled for the LinkTrackr discount coupon as cash rebate. The main points of LinkTrackr that may attract you are:

Link Cloaking and Tracking

For ensuring the maximum revenue, the LinkTrackr can easily find out the campaigns which can bring more profit. For doing that it can track the links very efficiently. You will be able to cloak those with ease. When you will cloak those then viral bars will be shown for those. Impressive thing is, you will get the power to place the bars to different positions of the websites. Links that are making the sales rate higher that can be detected by this product. It has the capability to monitor each of those to provide you the reports of conversion rate. LinkTrackr has the capability to generate affiliate links from the keywords that are used in your WordPress sites. With the coupon code, ad tracking system becomes much more attractive.

Linktrackr Coupon Code

Coupon Code & Pricing

Before knowing the features of it, let’s check you can afford it or not. I think, all kinds of marketers has the capability to purchase this. Different pricing plans have been offered so that it can suite to the small and large campaigns. Basic Plan of LinkTrackr is for the new comers or very little link cloaking and tracking campaigns. It can handle only 100 tracking links. Signup fee of this one is only $9 per month. If you target is to track 500 of those, then the Pro License of this product is suitable. It is the most popular one also. To get this, you have to pay $19.00/month. The Hyper and Extreme Licenses are for comparatively larger campaigns. Prices of these are respectively $39 and $69 per month. These are for 1000 and 5000 tracking links. Important thing is, only these two plans support the A/B testing feature. Above description, you will get suitable product and price after you have nice coupon or promo code.

Powerful A/B Split Testing

One of the biggest advantages of LinkTrackr is the A/B Split testing tool. It will help you to optimize the landing pages to ensure more conversions. Different affiliate offers can be tested by this to find out the most profitable one. You can consider this product as very efficient viral marketing tool. It will help you to get more traffic to your websites from the social media like Facebook. LinkTrackr coupon available with the products, makes it more affordable for the buyers to enjoy the services of the products.

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