Linkody Review | Get Pricing for the Backlink Tracker

The modern age is totally connected with the online system. Online system helps us to maintain our digital life in a comfortable way. Without depending on it, we are unable to organize the needed tasks in a simple way. The online system fulfills some needed sections. Among of these sections, web section is one of the needed sections for the online based business section. In the web industry, we need to maintain some terms. SEO maintenance is one of them. In the SEO section, we can see the term of Backlink managing. To assure the terms in the Backlink processing, Linkody is a reliable platform.


Linkody Review

Linkody is used as a Backlink checker and it can be applied to discover the valuable backlinks from the corresponding site. It manages these activities because of the active monitoring system.

Backlink Monitoring system

Monitoring activities: Linkody offers the Backlink monitoring process in every moment from the dashboard section. This process is allowed in an automatic process. These monitoring systems can be managed with the alerting process to the users through the notification method. It sends out the email notification about the Backlink detection process after a fixed amount of time. Due to this process, you can simply know the status of your site. After that, you can also remove the corrupted links and engage the needed links.

Backlink analysis: The Backlink analysis process is very essential for the best position of any site and it is handled through the effective tools of Linkody. It offers the analysis process of the competitor’s site. After making the report from the analysis section, it gives the full idea to the web masters about the condition of the active links.

Backlink Tracker

SEO metric analysis

To assure the needed activities in the SEO management system, it offers some effective solutions. Through these terms, you can simply import the backlinks from the excel files. Then, the export system of the data can be applied to the user friendly tools. By using these tools, you can easily manage the researching process of the available keywords.

Linkody Pricing Plan

Linkody offers various packages for the flexible using process of the users. Among of these packages, the first one is the Premium Webmasters. It is offered with the price of $9.90. It includes 3 domains and 500 links. Then the package of Premium Pro comes. It is offered with the pricing condition of $29.90. It offers 20 domains and 5000 links. This package can be used by the small business firm. Then, the professional business firms can depend on Premium Agency. It is issued with the price of $69.90. It includes 5000 links and 100 domains.