LinkMiner Coupons, Discount Codes | May 2022 Promo

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LinkMiner Coupon

LinkMiner Review and Features

Linkminer has many facilities to offer. This program can create backlinks that will enable the users to promote their products online on many different platforms. This program can mine the backlinks for the users and exactly find those backlinks that will work. It will find powerful backlinks that will for sure bring the audience to the site. As a result, the viewers and conversion rate of the site has a higher potential to increase as well. Hence, obtain the reviewed brand new backlink analysis & checker tool with coupon and gain the LinkMiner discount.

Benefits of the Program

Linkminer will do backlink analysis to find the backlink has the most potential. It is very important to figure out which backlinks that have the most hits. The competitor’s backlinks that are getting hit in online also can be copied. One of the easiest ways to beat the competitors in the online market is by ruling the search engine. The easiest way to do that is by just defeating the competitors in the search engine by copying their tricks. So that users can take over the conversion rate of the competitors and it will be easier for the users to defeat the competitors.


This program provides in-depth data on the backlink strategy of the competitors and analytics on the ways the backlink development in the search engine. One of the easiest way to search for competitor backlinks are included with this tool, users can just insert the competitor’s website inside this application and users will be able to see the backlink data of the competitors. The backlink categories will help users to lower down the research time as users will only be looking at the categories they prefer. For example, users can select the category of blogs or q and a for the backlinks. So that users can find the proper result and analyze them.

Advance Filter

Linkminer has the filter so that users can directly focus on the backlink that matters for the business. This program will only show powerful backlinks in the search results. It will eliminate hours that users would need to eliminate all the weak backlinks. Users can also evaluate the strength of the backlink so that users can see the comparison between backlinks. The program shows the detailed metrics on backlinks which will enable the users to see which backlinks have a bigger number of hits. Sometimes it just comes down to targeted niche when filtering out backlinks. Sometimes some backlinks may be powerful but do not have many hits from the intended niche of the users.

LinkMiner Coupon and Pricing

Linkminer is currently offering 3 different packages for the users. It offers a basic package that priced at only 269 dollars except the coupon. The premium package is priced at only 359 dollars. The agency package of this tool has been priced at only 719 dollars.

Therefore, kindly get with LinkMiner coupon and purchase the brand new backlink analysis & checker tool with discount.