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Lightning Base Hosting discount

There are a huge number of companies providing hosting facilities. If you are a WordPress user, then I can recommend Lighting Base Hosting. This company offers managed a hosting facility for the WordPress sites. And a huge number of WordPress users have shown their trust on this provider.

Review of Lighting Base Hosting

The performance of a hosting service depends on so many things. Mainly, we focus on its hardware and software specifications. Some companies provide some powerful hardware and software with their services. But a huge portion of these companies charges huge money from the customers. You can purchase LBH with our discount. This Lightning Base Hosting coupon is going to provide you the tool at a much cheaper price. After considering all these facts, our recommendation goes for Lighting Base Hosting. Though it charges very little amount, it provides some impressive features and facilities. Some of these are:

Diverse CDN Arrangement

The content delivery network is one of the driving forces of the hosting services. These networks are used for holding all necessary files closer to the locations. And these can be treated as a cache of computers. Lighting Base Hosting comes with a Global CDN arrangement. For this reason, this one is capable of delivering every necessary file to any website very quickly. For ensuring a faster hosting facility, this company has established some power servers all over the world. And in some near future, there will be more data centers. Lighting Base Hosting uses very powerful hardware and software.

Reasonable LBH Pricing Plans and Discount

Only four licenses are offered by Lighting Base Hosting. But, these are perhaps enough to make all types of customers happy. Personal Plan of this service can be purchased by only $9.90 per month without the discount. This one is for only WordPress site. You will enjoy 1 GB storage and 10 GB data transfer with it. Sometimes, working with multiple sites can be necessary. In these cases, Small License can be recommended. This one is offered for three different sites. To purchase this one, only $19.95 per month should be paid as per this post creating date. Lighting Base Hosting offers the Medium and Large plans. These are available for 49.95 USD and 99.95 USD per month respectively. These are offered for respectively 10 and 25 WordPress sites. These licenses provide very huge storage and bandwidth facilities.

Lightning Base Hosting discount

Some Important Services

This company provides some very important services that a website owner may ask for. It offers a complete site setup facility. For this reason, you can get your site ready to be used. Sometimes, it can be necessary to transfer the contents of a website into a new one. Lighting Base Hosting is capable of doing this task very efficiently. A website can be hacked or damaged due to many reasons. That is why, site backup is very much important. This company provides a powerful automated website backup system. You can get an identical service for multiple sites very easily from here.

Thereafter, please get the secured and fast WP hosting with our coupon. We believe that you are going to like the Lightning Base Hosting discount.