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License Engine Features and Review

If you want to sell the software to the customers some strategies should be followed. Each of the customers must have the unique license key. And there must be secured and fast licensing system. And sometimes, the license holders must be offered some extra facilities. All these things are very tough to maintain manually. But with the help of a small solution, you can do that with ease. I am talking about the LE which is one of the most powerful software licensing solutions. This product can also provide the licensing system for the WordPress plugins. Get the licensing system as well as other features by purchasing License Engine with the coupon. Here are some of the main features of this product:

The Top Features

The License Engine is full of necessary features. It does not depend on any kind of libraries for generating and managing the license keys. Advanced technology is used for doing so. Automatically, it will generate the license keys for each of the customers. Some unsecured systems are there which cannot prevent the software theft. But this system will never allow the license key sharing and it will stop the software theft. It has the ability to act as the standalone solution and it can also be integrated with the affiliate networks. No matter which membership sites you like, it will work with those without problems. Similarly, this software licensing system can also work with the WooCommerce. Avail the tops features of this product by purchasing it with the License Engine discount.

License-Engine coupon

Different Pricing Plans and Coupon

The pricing plans have made this product more acceptable to all kinds of software sellers. There are five different licenses of the License Engine. Depending on the total number of software, you have to purchase the suitable one for your business. The Limited Plan is for only 3 software and 1 thousand license keys. The monthly cost of this product is only $9 as of this post writing time. The Standard License is for 6 different software and 2 thousand keys. This one also includes the money back guarantee. For getting this one, you have to pay $19 per month excluding the coupon. The Gold Plan is one of the best plans of this tool. This one is for 15 different software and 5 thousand keys. The price of it is only 39 USD/month. The best feature of this product is it supports 3 different admin accounts. Similarly, this software licensing system has two other attractive plans.

Very Easy to Use

After considering the powerful features and various pricing plans, you may be thinking that this software is tough to handle. But actually, you can handle everything by just four easy steps. To use LE, you have to login to your account first. Then the targeted software should be added there. You will get the code for respective software which should be integrated with it. And then your software is ready to be sold. For each of the sales, License Engine will generate a unique license key. The customer will be allowed to use that for making the software a licensed one.

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