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Leadworx Discount

Leadworx Review and Features

Leadworx will enable the users to find out unknown visitors and convert them to the site of the users. The program comes with many facilities that not only increases the engagement of the users, it also increases the range of the target market easily. It helps users to not only identifying unknown visitors, but also converting them to the site. As a result, users will be able to notice a bigger amount of conversion of profit to the site. Hence, gain the reviewed fantastic website visitor tracking software with discount and get the Leadworx coupon.

Benefits of the Program

Leadworx will enable the users to define their ideal customers so that users can easily design the leads to the site. The program can also help users to discover the leads and visitors to the site. With this tool, users will be able to understand the background of the visitors to the site. Users also will be able to understand the reason why visitors choose to visit the site of the users by watching the time they spent on certain pages. For example, if the visitors spend a lot of time on a product page and then left the website, it means that they are interested in the product. Users can add these visitors to the leads list for the next campaign of the same products.


Users can send them a personal email by providing them a lucrative discount on the product so that the customers get attracted and eventually purchase the product. Customers can exclude those customers through this tool that are not qualified customers, users also can exclude existing customers from the leads. In that way, whenever users run a campaign from the lead list, users will not send the same email to existing customers and also they not send the email to visitors who most likely to ignore the offers.


Leadworx can provide the users the important information regarding the leads. Users can get the emails of the leads and social profiles as well. All this email that will be collected will be the validated emails. It means these emails will not be from the spam folder at all. The program has an automatic motion to qualify and a target. With this tool, users will easily be able to qualify the people who are interested to purchase products from the store of the users and add to the list. The program will automatically target those validated buyers in the next campaign. Users can also upload their watch list so that when visitors are surfing through the website so that it creates interest to them.

Leadworx Discount and Pricing

Leadworx has 3 different packages to offer. It has the basic package that priced at only 149 dollars except the discount. It has a customized package that priced at only 299 dollars. The team package of this tool is priced at only 699 dollars.

Finally, please acquire with Leadworx discount and get the fantastic website visitor tracking software with coupon.