LeadsTunnel Coupon, Have Excellent Discount Offer in 2019

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Purchase LeadsTunnel with an outstanding 25% LeadsTunnel coupon. Please see the product image below.

LeadsTunnel coupon

Overview on LeadsTunnel

This is a software that allows you to synchronize your leads directly from the Facebook to any of the mail service provider. Though this is a very responsive and powerful software, it has a simpler look and interface. You can get a great responsive email list right away from your Facebook. This effective software is being tested and approved by Facebook itself. This software has the ability to drag a track road between your Facebook and email automation software. The road works like a direct tunnel. When you get a lead on Facebook almost instantly that lead gets sent to your email lead thorough out that tunnel. This happens instantly fully automatic way. You will never miss a single lead as it is automatically derived. And also Leads Tunnel doesn’t keep any trace on your email leads.

So, all your rest lead is secured with you. Also, this safety feature keeps your email safe and also untraceable by hackers. You can now directly make money from your social account right away. This software can work with almost 20+ email automation software. And constantly its being updated regularly, so there will be more working email automation available with this software. Avail the cool functionalities of LeadsTunnel with the coupon offer.

Leads-tunnel coupon

Features of the Product

There are tons of feature available with LeadsTunnel. The best thing about this software is that this doesn’t require any kind of website to make up email list. It will lose your tension of missing a lead as it is fully automated. First of the feature of it that you will get 100% opt-in conversation leads. There won’t be any bad landed page so there is nothing to lose on leads. Another amazing feature is that you won’t pay a single penny to the fake emails. You will get avail that which email is true as you can find which Facebook account is authorized with which email.

So only real leads will get paid. With this software you won’t be needed other things to fulfill your business. You just won’t need any kind of opt-in page creator, landing page creator nor any kind of hosting staffs. All you need is this software, the rest can be done by the software itself. Setting up automation email system with leads may take up to a day or two to fully operational. But LT will start working within 5 minutes after you setup yours. You will be able to earn from leads just right after 5 minutes of setup.

Another amazing thing is this software is fully operational with 20+ email automation system and with the help of the developers more are coming in the future. You won’t need a lot of stuffs to work with email leads. No products, no email list, no website or nothing is needed at all. Even you can operate affiliate promotions with this. So avail our LeadsTunnel discount when purchasing the product.

Pricing and Coupon of the Product

LeadsTunnel is a very effective program for email marketers. This software is available for only $37 which is an onetime payment. Besides, the coupon has not been included in the pricing. Also with this you will get some bonus. First one is a training module called FB Lead Ads Strategy. Second bonus is 90 days’ free account of Sendlane.

The LeadsTunnel coupon will help you big time in purchasing the tool. For any further inquiries about the discount on this software, please contact us.