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LeadModo Coupon

Every year, a new form of marketing arises. That is why, you have to be more updated. Nowadays, a big number of marketers are focusing on the messenger marketing. If you want to create a profitable Facebook Messenger list, then the LeadModo is suggested. It helps to create and grow your lists in a quick time.

Review and Features of LeadModo

Every popular website has a big number of regular visitors. Suppose, you have a professional website and need to communicate with every customer. It is quite impossible to deal with every customer manually. There are some tools which are able to add these customers or visitors to a Messenger list. Similarly, these tools can be used for growing different social media pages. LeadModo is one of these tools. This one is especially created for the newbies. But, an experienced marketer may also need this. So, take the reviewed new SaaS technology with coupon and obtain the LeadModo discount.

Engage More Customers

No visitor wants to get bored on a website. They look for new and attractive contents. A research has found that quizzes are very much effective to engage more customers. LeadModo actually uses this technology. This software is capable of designing some amazing quizzes. Whenever a person will participate this quiz, he will be added to your Messenger list. Similarly, this software can also create some high-converting polls and surveys. This software is suitable for dealing with so many campaigns. For example, you may use this to generate the real leads. It helps to increase the sales. Similarly, all kinds of customer supports can be offered by using LeadModo. It allows to use every customer to refer your quiz on their social media accounts. In this manner, there will be big growth of leads.


LeadModo Coupon and Pricing Plans

This solution comes with two different licenses. The LeadModo Monthly License is available for only 19.95 USD per month without the coupon. It supports only 30 campaigns. Unlimited leads can be generated by this one. It creates various types of quizzes, surveys, and polls. A One-Time License of this software is also available. To purchase this one, you just have to pay 29 USD once, as per 24 October 2018. It will let you deal with 100 campaigns. Just like the other license, it also supports unlimited leads, various quizzes, polls, and surveys. LeadModo is a web based software. Hence, you don’t have to install anything.

Very Useful Templates

There is nothing to worry about creating the quizzes or polls. This software comes with some top quality templates. Each of these templates is useful and customizable. You will be able to add all types of questions and suitable answers. It allows to change the colors, sizes, and styles of the fonts. After creating a survey or poll, LeadModo will help you to add that to any website. Then, it will create the Messenger list depending on the given answers by your customers.

Therefore, kindly acquire with LeadModo coupon and purchase the new SaaS technology with discount.