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Leadifly Coupon

There are various ways of online marketing. Though some ways are profitable, the email marketing is still one of the most impressive ways. Leadifly is a WordPress plugin, which his helpful for generating more email leads very quickly.

Review and Features of Leadifly

It is a fact that various squeeze pages and sales pages are there to collect email addresses. These pages asks the visitors to insert their email addresses. But nowadays, the visitors have become more alert. They don’t like to use their email addresses here and there. For this reason, these sales and squeeze pages have become more effective. Leadifly comes with a solution of this problem. This software helps to get the email addresses in a more effective way. So, you can grab more sales by using these email addresses. In such way, gain the reviewed brand new WordPress plugin with coupon and get the Leadifly discount. Here are some main features and facilities of this product:

Very Easy to Use

Many plugins are there to generate more leads. But, the most of these tools are very difficult to install and handle. Leadifly is not difficult to handle at all. By only four easy steps, you can deal with it. First of all, this plugin should be installed on your WordPress blog. And then, it should be connected to the desired Facebook account. This software will help to generate some links and contents. These links and contents should be shared on the Facebook. And after completing these easy steps, you just have to wait and collect so many new leads. Leadifly is capable of bringing more than 800 new leads in every week.


Get Instant Leads

This plugin is capable of creating and sharing the links everywhere. And, it can also connect with a Facebook account. From that account, it can bring the original information about various friends and followers. These email addresses will be used for generating some profitable lists. It can also generate some contents, which can be locked on a website. A user must opt-in with his Facebook account to access that site. Leadifly is capable of working with various email services. Some of these services are MailChimp, Get Response, AWeber, and Active Campaign.

Leadifly Coupon and Pricing

After considering all the important features, many people will agree to pay a big amount for buying Leadifly. But, there is no need to pay such a big amount for this software. According to 1 December 2017, this product is available for only $47 except the coupon. This license also provides some amazing bonuses. For example, the Email Wizard Platform is added to this license. This additional tool is capable of adding a timer in every email. Similarly, Leadifly Notification Pro is another bonus tool. This add-on can send some Facebook notifications to the subscribers. Each of these notification contains a clickable link. By this manner, it is possible to get more income.

Finally, please acquire with Leadifly coupon and also have the brand new WordPress plugin with discount.