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Are you ready to startup your business firm from the very beginning? Then, a lot of criteria are needed to assure for achieving targeted profit. Among all of them, targeted website development is a crucial one part. In this case, if you are depending on the WordPress platform, then I can suggest you an amazing one solution which is Layers. Layers are considered as an open source based website builder. This platform is mainly developed for the WordPress platform. This is an amazing one tool by which there is the way to create amazing custom pages with dynamic layouts.


Layers Review

Layers is a flexible one platform for the WordPress based website developer. The interface section of this platform is really simple and systematic. Without facing any complexities, you can manage the entire activities of this tool. Therefore, you will find step by step guidance for conducting the editing process of built-in templates. These templates mainly allow for the newbie users. Later, according to your need, you can customize them if it is asked. Therefore, the process of content addition and product integration are also available within this. All these processes will allow you to develop your site in a professional way.

Available Features Issued Here

After accessing into the dashboard section of Layers, you will find some amazing options. Here, at the beginning level, you will get the option to resize your logo. This option can be managed with the logo resize controller. This will emphasize your brand in a creative way. The next part is blog customization. Whenever, this task is essential for you, you can maintain this with the helpful options of Layers. Without touching a line of code, you can control this in a systematic way.

WordPress Website Builder

Highlights of the Software

Then, you will find head adjust the formula. This portion is an essential one for showing the available options of your pages. In the next stage, you will observe menu control formula. This will enable you to adjust the spacing between the menu items. Layers offers some flexible options to control this task. Besides, with Layers there is the way to style your available buttons with dynamic format. This will simply grab the new subscribers. Moreover, font customization option is also available within this.

Layers Discount and Pricing

You can download Layers For Free. Within this version, you will find almost all the basic features. Besides, you will also find some up-gradation facility within this.