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LambdaTest Discount

Every website is not compatible with all browsers and screen sizes. You should check these compatibilities for each site. There is a cloud-based platform for performing this task. The name of that platform is LambdaTest.

Review and Features of LambdaTest

Nowadays, everybody wants to create cross-browser and responsive websites. These sites get more visitors that ordinary websites gets. But, you should check whether your pages or sites are actually compatible. There are only a few tools that may help you check this thing. One of these tools is LambdaTest. This cloud-based solution is very easy to use. It comes with several important features. In such way, get the reviewed cloud based online cross browser testing software with discount and avail the LambdaTest coupon.

Compatibility Testing

Sometimes, we hear about the browser compatibility of different websites. A compatible website is accessible from all kinds of web browsers. LambdaTest helps check this compatibility with ease. There is no option to depend on multiple solutions to check the compatibility for web browsers and mobile browsers. This single solution is suitable for dealing with all those. And, it does not offer any demo browser. Rather, you will be able to test on the real ones. Similarly, operating system checking can also be done with ease. Another important thing is its live functioning capability. You don’t have to wait for a few minutes to check the browser compatibility. LambdaTest has a live screenshot capturing facility. While checking the website compatibility with different browsers, it will take screenshots automatically. You will be able to use these screenshots as proofs.


LambdaTest Discount and Pricing Options

The Lite License of LambdaTest is a free one. It supports 60 minutes per month for the live browser testing. The Live License supports 5 users and one 1 parallel test. It supports unlimited monthly testing. You just have to pay USD 15 per month to access this one. The Web Automation License 79 per month without any kind of promo code. It has an automated testing facility. You can perform up to 25 parallel tests by using it. Similarly, LambdaTest also has a custom license. This one is suitable if you want to work with more than 25 parallel tests. It also supports various 3rd party integrations.

Screen Responsiveness

If you need to make a website accessible from mobile and web browser, then that must show the responsiveness to different screen sizes. This platform also allows to check the screen responsiveness with ease. Another important thing is to check the visual regression of every site on various screens. LambdaTest will let you perform this test very efficiently. More importantly, there is no option to face any difficulty while performing this operation. Only a single click is required for that. This software is able to test the locally hosted and privately hosted pages. A cloud-based easy user-interface will make your tasks even easier.

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