KDSPY Discounts, Coupon Codes| May 2022 Promo

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KDSPY Coupon

It is not so easy to find out a research assistant tool for authors. Only a few tools are capable of fulfilling their needs. KDSPY is one of these tools. It is a great assistant for doing research on Amazon.

Review of KDSPY

People think that authors, to write and sell books on Amazon, does not need to research that much. But actually, there are so many things to research. Otherwise, their books will not generate enough profit. They need to research on their projects and their competitors as well. To solve this issue, we suggest KDSPY. This a browser extension that works as a research assistant of authors. Get the research assistant tool using our discount. Grab the KDSPY coupon now. Here are its impressive features:

Country Specific Results

KDSPY is suitable to work in anywhere in the world. It can find out country specific data very efficiently from Amazon stores. Some of the supported countries are USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Japan, and Mexico, etc. There is an advanced tracking option to this software also. For this reason, you will be able to track sales and revenue record of any book anytime. An ordinary tool can track the data for maximum 10 days. Whereas, KDSPY is capable of tracking such data for 30 days. Along with tracking own books, this software is capable of tracking competitor’s data as well.


Browser Integration

Sometimes, we see different tools that are suitable for either MAC or Windows PC. But, there is no need to worry about that anymore. KDSPY is a browser extension. That means, you will be able to integrate this tool with your browser. And then, it will work directly with Amazon. There is no need to spend several minutes to integrate it with a browser. Rather, this tool requires only a few seconds to be installed. Another important thing is, this tool is painstakingly coded. That is why, it performs faster than the most other tools available in the market. KDSPY requires only a single click to reveal all the data you need regarding a research. As it gets installed in a browser, it will never take a big space to your hard disk. So, unlike the other research tool, this tool will not make your device slow.

KDSPY Discount & Pricing

Along with the features mentioned till now, this solution comes with more facilities. For example, it will inform you the number of books to be sold in a day to stay on the top list. There can be different trends and keywords for which you can write and sell your books. This software will find out these trends and keywords quickly. Values of all these features are very high. But, you don’t have to pay a big amount to grab a copy of KDSPY. This impressive solution is available for only $59 without any kind of promo code here. More importantly, there is no monthly or yearly recurring fee. Just, pay once and use forever.

Therefore, please get the research tool using our coupon offered here. For further query about the KDSPY discount please contact us.