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JoomUnited and Its Products

In the web industry, WordPress and Joomla are a common platform for the web developers. These platforms create some simple steps to develop any site with some few steps. For getting all the reliable extensions for the WordPress and Joomla platform, the users can rely on JU. All the needed tools like gallery management, file management system, SEO function, database handling and other essential tasks can be handled easily through the support of available extensions of JoomUnited. So, please get the high quality WP & Joomla extensions software with discount and have JoomUnited coupon.

Joomla Products issued by JU

Social back links: Feed up all the reliable social networks with the available Joomla contents, this extension can be used. Through this extension, you will get the option of auto sync plug-in activation process, ticket addition process and other terms. The task of managing the filtering process of the available contents, content uploading process, control panel handling process, auto page detection method and other tasks. Buy this extension for a single year license key, you need to pay only $59.

SEO Glossary: JoomUnited is considered as an advanced level glossary for the Joomla platform. The define more than a billion of terms under the Joomla contents, this extension is very supportive. After making the proper integration process of available categories, you will have to define the tooltips and the links. For single year this extension can be purchased through $39.

JoomUnited discount

Droppics: Droppics is considered as a reliable gallery manager under Joomla platform and it is issued from JoomUnited with the needed conditions. While using this, you will get the option of flexible drag and drop system. After making a gallery and uploading the picture into the gallery, you can simply handle them. This extension is very simple for the beginner in the gallery management. This extension can be purchased through a special bundle whose price is only $59.

Droptables: Organize the tables and the spreadsheet section, this extension is very needed for the Joomla users. This systematic table creating process, category management and other section can be managed through this. The Personal package of this extension is available through $8/month.

WordPress extensions Price and Discount

WP File Download: JoomUnited organize the file manager section under the WordPress platform, this extension can be used in the WordPress based site. It includes the supporting condition almost all the editors and the widget system. This includes some responsive theme with default format. For 1 year supporting condition, this package can be purchased through $39 except the discount.

WP Meta SEO: To assure the better SEO system in a short time, this extension is very helpful to the WordPress developers. At control all the Meta in the article section, it issues some built-in conditions. The most popular package of this extension can be purchased through $34.

Finally we hope you can get with JoomUnited discount. Please purchase the WP & Joomla extensions software with coupon.