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JoomPlace and Its Products

In the web industry, Joomla is a popular platform which assures all the flexible activities in the web section. In the Joomla based site, there is the opportunity of using various types of extensions, modules and the plug-in for getting various performances. To get all of these, JoomPlace is a trusted platform to the users. IT affords a lot of extensions, plug-in for the custom development process of the Joomla based site. For maintaining the full supporting condition of the website, it offers the needed conditions and the support. So, please buy the powerful Joomla components development software with discount and avail JoomPlace coupon.

The available extensions with Discount

CheckList Joomla: This extension is very helpful for the Joomla website visitors as it assures the simple way to manage the checklist and the to-do list in a quick process. This extension ensures the way to differentiate the corresponding business firm from the competitors. The CheckList extension is valid for the theme blogs, custom based service improvement, advertising and other section. The Standard subscription of this package is valid with the price of $49/year.

Online Memorials Directory Component: This extension is valid for the task of creating the virtual memorials that consists the text, videos, photos of the person who have passed away. It can be managed with the needed categories and the subcategories at the home page section. The process of previewing the latest memorials can be organized here. To purchase the Professional Subscription of this package, you need to pay only $69 without discount.

joomplace discountHTML5 Flipping Book Joomla: This extension helps the users to create the digital contents like online based magazines, e-books, product catalogue system with the condition of page flip and so on. Under the support of this extension, the viewers can easily view the publications by using the web browsers and the mobile device. The Professional Subscription package of this extension is available through the price of $89/year.

The active plug-in offered by JoomPlace

JoomPlace offers many types of plug-in for various purposes. Among of these plug-in, you will get GraffitiWall. Through this plug-in, you can simply ensure the users to leave the colorful and the vivid messages on the friend’s wall. The type of the messages can also be varied like simple text, photos, video, lively graffiti etc.

After that, you can choose Profile Designer. By using this plug-in, you will be able to change the background color, add the wallpaper and other section in EasySocial and JomSocial. In the specific profile designing section, this is an extraordinary plug-in issued by JP. Then, JoomPlace also issues JomSocial Drag’n’Drop whose task is to manage the drag and drop the needed application in the corresponding profile. It contains the ability to save the custom items in the specific portion of the page.

Finally we can say that please get with JoomPlace discount. Also purchase the powerful Joomla components development software with coupon.