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Jobsoid Coupon

A recruitment process has various important stages. Each of these stages should be done and analyzed very carefully. Jobsoid is a top quality recruiting software that can help you to complete every important stage with ease.

Review of Jobsoid at a Glance

Generally, employers post job advertisements on various job boards and websites manually. They have separate teams for dealing with this task. The entire hiring process may need several weeks, even months. To boost up the process, you should take help from a top quality recruiting software. We suggest Jobsoid for dealing with all kinds of recruiting or hiring campaigns. This software has several important features. Thus, get the reviewed high quality online applicant tracking & recruiting software with coupon and take the Jobsoid discount.

Job Advertising

One of the most important stages of a recruitment process is the job advertising. You don’t have to worry about completing this stage anymore. Jobsoid has a very impressive system to publish your job advertisements on various platforms. Some of these channels are job boards, company websites, and social media. Job seekers always visit the career portals of different companies. That is why, you have to organize your career portal with suitable facilities and branding. This solution will be very helpful for doing so. It allows to add different types of headers, image galleries, and other attractive contents. That is why, job seekers will be engaged very easily. Jobsoid is helpful for posting job ads on a big number of free job boards. So, you don’t have to find out these job boards manually. Similarly, you will be able to post the advertisements on premium job boards.


Jobsoid Coupon and Pricing

To use Jobsoid, you just have to purchase one of its licenses. There is no hidden cost with any of these plans. The Lite License is suitable for small teams. It is available for only $49 per month (paid annually) without the promo code. It supports 3 different job postings. The Standard License can be bought by spending only USD 99 per month. You will be able to work with 10 different job postings with it. Similarly, the Pro License is suitable for large teams. This license of Jobsoid can be bought by paying only $249 per month. It can work with 50 job postings. All these plans support unlimited user accounts and unlimited candidates per advertisements.

Utilize Facebook

Along with different job boards, you have to utilize the Facebook pages. This software actually helps adding career tab on the targeted Facebook page. These tabs will attract potential candidates for a job more. And, these will also be used for referrals. Your website should have a separate career page. Then, that page should be connected with Jobsoid. There is no difficulty there. You will be able to integrate this software with that page with ease. Similarly, it can easily be connected with various social networks. Some of these networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Finally, please purchase the high quality online applicant tracking & recruiting software with discount. Therefore, obtain with Jobsoid coupon.