iVidz Coupons, Discount Codes | May 2022 Promo

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iVidz Coupon

All we know that; video is one of the most essential platforms for engaging targeted audiences. For capturing a massive amount of conversion rates, effective video files play a vital role. But, making interactive video files is not an easy task. It asks a lot of experience as well as the skill. But, if you depend on iVidz, then this task will be quite easy and simple. If you are a beginner level marketer, then iVidz will be the perfect solution for you. iVidz is defined as an effective one video builder which contains high engaging features. This has the capacity to increase interactivity in a systematic process. Accordingly purchase the reviewed cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform with coupon and avail the iVidz discount.

Review on iVidz

For maximizing your video result, iVidz is an ultimate one solution. It allows the opportunity to maintain video campaign process in a professional mood. This cloud-based solution acts like a video player and hosting platform by which any marketer can improvise the video engagement process. To reach, the marketing goals in an easy manner, this tool will support you a lot.

Working Process of This

The making process of iVidz is very simple. At the first, you need to enter the login details. In the next, you will have to begin any new campaign. In the last, you will have to customize your videos and the required actions. iVidz is a perfect one solution for the affiliate marketers and the freelancers. Besides, website owners, local business owners, social media marketers, eCom business owners can also depend on this.


Features of This Product

iVidz is a cloud-based product which means marketers can create and run the video campaigns almost from anywhere. From the dashboard section, you will get quick access to all the campaigns, related links, video clips. In fact; the dashboard section is designed in a user-friendly way. iVidz offers visual basis drag and drop campaign creating option. This means, you just need to drop any video or the url into the new box. Here, high performance-based video player has been integrated as a built-in feature. Within this solution, you will get the feature of premium level video hosting. That’s why; you won’t need to depend on 3rd party hosting platforms. Moreover, some more powerful features are also offered like customizable in-video buttons, unmatched versatility and so on.

iVidz Coupon and Pricing

iVidz offers a single front-end version and 2 OTOs. To get the front-end version of iVidz, you need to pay only $27-$47 excluding the coupon. For getting OTO1 (iVidz Plus), you will have to pay $67 only. In OTO2, you will find iVidz Pro. This plan can be purchased with two different options like monthly or one-time package. For a monthly package of this, you will be asked $47/month and for the One-Time package, you need to pay $397 only.

Finally, please get with iVidz coupon and purchase the cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform with discount.