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Ivacy Discount

Review of Ivacy

Ivacy started their journey way back in 2007 to deliver online freedom, privacy, and internet security to everyone. Ivacy’s first unique VPN service is known as Split Tunneling, where the users gain complete control over sharing their data. With Split Tunneling, users can select and pick the information they want to send to their internet service providers. Simultaneously, users can also control the data being sent through this software’s VPN. There are minimum four hundred and fifty plus servers up and running that are situated strategically in over hundred locations. Users can switch between these four hundred and fifty servers for innumerous times since limitless server switching is enabled. So, please acquire the reviewed fast VPN internet security software with discount and obtain the Ivacy coupon.

Anonymous, Wi-Fi Security, Data Encryption

Being watched by someone unknown while browsing online is a massive breach of privacy, and is very dangerous. To be truly free and anonymous, Ivacy hides off users’ IP address by masking it so that nobody can spy. User becomes the most vulnerable when they connect their devices to any public open Wi-Fi. During this time, threats can come from any angle and from all sides with users having no protection. However, when users will use this application it will automatically prevent threats from intervening by securing the network. To keep users’ data safe from being hijacked and prevent someone from logging activities without permission, 256-bit encryption is provided. Now, no hackers will get to perform identity theft nor will get to blackmail users by stealing information.


Multi Logins, Torrents and Streaming

With a single Ivacy account users can continue surfing the internet and online activities simultaneously through five other devices. Users’ logs and history will not be stored anywhere and will remain with the users forever. Going to cinema halls to watch movies can be costly, thus, people torrent movies and shows. But, even after using torrents, users are not safe as they can be tracked or be arrested in some locations. Hence, users are turned invisible by this software to avoid being under the radar when they download torrents. This same thing is done when users stream movies and watches live sports from their browsers to remain protected. Also, if there’s any blocked torrents or websites, this VPN service will unblock it and grant uninterrupted access.

Ivacy Discount and Price Plans

Ivacy’s 1 Month package is $8.95, 1 Year plan is $3, and 2 Year service is $1.99 without any kind of promo code offer. The servers are distributed in all parts where seventy and eighty servers are located in North America and Europe. In Asia there are fifty plus servers, and in South America and Africa there’s five and six servers. Kill Switch feature is provided that terminates users’ internet if Ivacy’s VPN connection gets disconnected. Support is available as direct live chat to deliver instant technical solution or to answer users’ questions.

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