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Review of iSenseLabs

It is necessary to create a website for any professional or business purposes out there. There are certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled to make the website more interactive and appealing. A website needs to have advanced extensions and stylize themes to come out as unique. In this way it ensures that both audiences and customers will be satisfied with the services provided. iSenseLabs is a company which provides some of the best solutions for extensions and themes. Having featured clients such as Addidas and Vovlo, iSenseLabs delivers some of the most highly recommended products. All the purchasable products are compatible with OpenCart version 2.0 to 2.3 and more! So, take the reviewed powerful e-commerce shopping cart solution with discount and obtain the iSenseLabs coupon. Let’s look at some the features available with the product:

Unique and Responsive Theme

iSenseLabs provides some of the best responsive and eye catching themes out there. Pet Shop is one such theme that is available for users who loves their pet. It has a very appealing template layout which helps in attracting large number of customers. The layout can be customized to slide or have side bar to give a smooth navigation experience. There are options available which enables customer to put all their selected items in a ‘basket’. All of this requires only a click of button on displayed add-to-cart thumbnail. The products can viewed as list-view and grid-view to sort out items easily. This makes shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

Detection for Spam and Fake Mail

iSenseLabs’ very own FakeMailDetector helps in sorting out legit emails from the fakes ones. It checks the validity of the mail received in few simple steps. At first it checks whether the format of the mail matches with the others or not. Then it verifies the legitimacy of the mail by checking the existence of the domain and the server. These steps helps in separating and weeding out genuine mails from the suspicious ones. FakeMailDetector, therefore, prevents any malicious or harmful mails from affecting its users. In this way every business personnel or store owners get to save their money and time.

iSenseLabs discount

Price Plans and Discount Facility

iSenseLabs’ theme can be purchased for a price of $70 except the discount. Users get multiple benefits with the purchase of their theme. The theme supports both English and Russian languages. Then there is the option to share it on social media sites. To communicate better or for review purposes a comment section can be added. FakeMailDetector can be purchased for $24.99 which licenses 1 domain. For licenses to 5 domain, it can be purchased for $64.99. For limitless licenses to domain, it can be purchased for $124.99. Lastly their Developer license can be purchased for $254.99. With the purchase of FakeMailDetector, users are getting access to benefits such as premium support.

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