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INK Appointment discount

Overview on INK Appointment

INK Appointment is a WordPress plugin from INK Themes. It’s a popular WordPress theme company. This is a tool that will help the visitor of the website to book something online. This tool is very much effective for booking something from online and fix a schedule on any type of appointments. This plug in will enable online booking system on any website. This plug in can be used for appointment booking and scheduling, resource scheduling, client scheduling, general appointment scheduling and event scheduling. This plug in contains a systematic function that is not much tough to operate so the booking seems very easy. It is not that hard to set up an appointment into a website with this product, all that is required to do is create a service slot with specific dates and timings, also there is a form available containing booking schedule. After setting up, the customer will see a specific page with appointment booking. The booking procedure is very simple and easy task. First one needs to specify a date and time when he or she wants to get the appointment as per availability. If there is any booking form is required to fill that must need to be filled. Then submit the booking. It’s that easy to do booking. Have this fantastic plugin with the discount coupon offer.

Ink-Appointment discount

Features of the Plugin

INK Appointment is one of the appointment service enablers for WordPress website. This plug in contains some very handsome features to combine with. First of its very own feature is that this plug in is very easy on setup, no requirement for skilled knowledge to attach on the website. The setup process is kind of automated. Once you create your specific service by choosing a date, time, price etc. for your appointment. Also you can enable availability checking, display pricing, take booking etc. as your priority. Another great feature of this software is that this software can create unlimited number of services and show more than one service in booking form. This plug in also can take in online payment for any booking as scheduled with specific time and date. Also there is a tracking feature with this plug in, you can track the appointments of your existing or old user along with the new users. Directly manage all the appointment from one single WordPress dashboard, this is really a great feature to enjoy. So the management system never gets down. Payment accepted through PayPal along with cash payment method. Also, all the opt in field. Create spam free appointment with captcha enabled. This plug in workable with any of the WordPress theme. Get this workable product with the INK Appointment coupon.

Pricing and Discount of the Product

INK Appointment has a very little less price than any other similar plug in. It is available for only $97  for a lifetime and that too without adding the discount. You will get 30 days money back guarantee on product purchase. Also, you will get the lifetime support with this tool.

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