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InboxingProTEXT Discount

There are various forms of online marketing. SMS marketing is one of these forms. You have to use a suitable platform for sending bulk mobile messages. InboxingProTEXT is one of these platforms. It comes with tons of essential features.

InboxingProTEXT Review

Nowadays, marketers love to run various online marketing campaigns. These campaigns bring more customers in a quick time. All the online marketing types are not equally effective. Along with email marketing, SMS marketing is a great way for bringing more customer. But, you have to depend on a reliable and fast platform for running these projects. We suggest InboxingProTEXT for its top quality performance and features. Hence, obtain the reviewed powerful cloud based SMS marketing platform with discount and avail the InboxingProTEXT coupon.

Lead Generation

After purchasing a license of InboxingProTEXT license, you will be able to capture leads more quickly. It comes with different types of lead capturing templates. Tons of useful SMS forms are also added here. Just use these things, and create necessary messages with ease. All these forms can easily be added in different places. For example, you can add these on social media networks and websites. More importantly, these things are suitable for in-store promotions. That is why, leads will come from different places simultaneously. InboxingProTEXT is able to capture contacts from all these places. Then, each contact will be saved on contact book. You will be allowed to import more contacts manually. And, all these contacts can easily be classified into different categories.


Bulk SMS Sending

After collecting leads, and creating messages, you have to send these messages to the leads. This software is capable of dealing with bulk SMS campaigns. All the messages can be sent to individuals one by one. And, you are allowed to send a single SMS to a particular group of contacts. Sometimes, marketers need to send particular messages to only the existing customers. It will help them do so with ease. Similarly, all kinds of offers can also be sent by it. To complete all these tasks quickly, InboxingProTEXT is able to create automated chat bots. You don’t have to integrate it with any kind of 3rd party delivery service.

InboxingProTEXT Discount and Pricing

The Advanced License of InboxingProTEXT is available for only $27 per month. This one is for only a single telephone number and 5 client accounts. It supports a single chat bot and 2000 contacts. This one is suitable for small businesses. But, a medium or large business requires more facilities. The Pro License is suitable for these businesses. Though its regular price is a big higher, you have to pay only $27 per month to access it now without the discount. This license of InboxingProTEXT supports unlimited telephone numbers, client accounts, chat bots, and contacts. It also supports unlimited client chat bots. Both these licenses deal with unlimited autoresponders.

Therefore, purchase with InboxingProTEXT discount. In the conclusion, please have the cloud based SMS marketing platform with coupon.