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IMSC Rapid Mailer Discount

Rapid Mailer Review

After the invention of the internet, day by day everything has become online based. And nowadays, it is not possible anything without direct or indirect help of the internet. For example, for maximizing your sales, various types of marketing are necessary. Among those, email marketing is a effective tasks for getting new customers. By this process, you can easily convert the potential members into actual members. And the communication with the old members can also be done with this. Various autoresponder platforms are available for the email marketing. IMSC Rapid Mailer is one of those and it has plenty of features. If you liked the review of IMSC Rapid Mailer, then get it through our link with this special discount coupon offer. There is no need of any additional promo code to get the Rapid Mailer coupon. Some of those features are:

Control on Your List

Large list of recipients is the main criteria of the email marketing. The IMSC Rapid Mailer has the ability to work with the large list. And this product will help you to take control on your list. You may need to send the mail to only some of the recipients. So you can opt-in those only for the campaign. Similarly, you may need to send the emails to everybody excluding some recipients of the list. IMSC Rapid Mailer will then send the messages to those addresses only. This product can only be installed on the personal sites. You cannot use this on client sites.

IMSC Rapid Mailer

Advanced Batch Processing

IMSC Rapid Mailer is an advanced autoresponder platform for the email marketing. That means, various advanced features have been added to this product. For most of the email marketing campaigns, you must have to deal with so many recipients. This product will help you to do so. It has very powerful batch processing and scheduling features. With the help of these features, this product can easily send large number of emails according to schedule. The Rapid Mailer reduces the SPAM complaints at a high rate. A signature is the indicator of an individual. This tool will let you add digital signature on the emails. That is why the recipients will be able to sure that the mails have been sent by you. The DKIM Wizard of this tool is very helpful for this task.

Personal License Pricing and Discount

For the Rapid Mailer, you don’t need to pay much. Previously, the price of this was 197 USD. But before 2017, the cost of this has been reduced to only 67 USD without any kind of promo code. So this is the right time to purchase this useful product. One of the most important things is, this one is actually 3 site license. That means, there is nothing to be unhappy about the pricing of IMSC Rapid Mailer. From the date of purchasing the license, you will get the money back guarantee for 2 months. There are no hidden charges for this product. Just paying the money once, you will be allowed to use this for a lifetime.

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