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Ideal Extensions discount

Ideal Extensions Products & Review

Joomla and WordPress are two most popular platforms for creating beautiful websites nowadays. Necessary themes or templates and plugins of these products are available. Various companies are offering those. The Ideal Extensions is one of those companies which offer only the Joomla plugins. Each of the tools of this product is innovative. You can use those on your personal sites as well as business sites. In this small post, it is not possible to describe all those. So, please get the leading joomla extensions developer plugin with discount and avail Ideal Extensions coupon.  Some of these have been described below:

SecurImage Captcha Plugin

If you provide forms to your Joomla site, then the Captcha system must be integrated with those. Otherwise, the spams and other kinds of abuses can be there. Various kinds of extensions are there which support the Joomla core captcha plugin systems. With these extensions, you can use the SecurImage Capthca of Ideal Extensions. This product can easily be integrated with the existing and newly created forms of the targeted Joomla site. Various kinds of captchas are there. One of the most powerful ones is the mathematical equation solve. This tool can work with those and all the others very efficiently. It will let you use custom background images and signatures. In one word, this product of Ideal Extensions is highly customizable.

Ideal Extensions discount

Ideal Related Articles

One of the most unique products of the IE is the Ideal Related Articles. In some cases, you may have seen that in some articles, the related article boxes are shown. So the users can read one article and they will engage with your site by going to the related one. You can do in your Joomla site also. In that case, you have to sue the Ideal Related Articles. It will also let you add the Google AdSense ads in the posts. This tool of Ideal Extensions is very much effective for protecting the copyrights of the articles. When any visitor will press the Ctrl+C buttons, it can show the box contains copyright information. This tool also has the ability to generate the meta keywords according to the targeted articles.

Component: Contact Enhanced

The Joomla has a core contacts component which has some basic features. If you want to get some more facilities, then the Contact Enhanced of Ideal Extensions can be used. This contact component manager tool can replace the default one of Joomla. It supports unlimited form fields and HTML email templates.

Pricing of the Products and Discount

All the Products of Ideal Extensions have reasonable pricing. The Contact Enhanced has three different editions. One of those is the Lite License which can be purchased by USD 27 only excluding the discount. The Pro version of it has the “embed on articles” facility. According to 18 December, the price of this one is USD 49. The Plus Plan of this supports the form module and feedback plugin. The cost for this one is 39USD. The Ideal Realated Articles price is only 18 USD, whereas the SecurImage can be bought only by 7USD. All the products of this brand are fully responsive.

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