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HitTail – Long Tail Keyword Suggestions

There are so many ways to find the long tail keyword suggestion for the search engine optimization. In these days people love to use software or tools to find such suggestions. Among various types of software you can choose the HitTail. This impressive long tail keyword suggestion tool has been offered by the famous Numa Group of California. Thousands and thousands of bloggers and ecommerce owners are using this amazing tool. Let’s get some idea about this product. So, please purchase the long tail keywords based website’s traffic software with discount and get HitTail coupon.

Various Essential Features

This tool will provide you the access to the keywords of the “Not Provided” category. Regular keyword imports of the Google Keyword is another great advantage of this product. You can get those keywords every day or in every week. The main feature of all the plans of the HitTail is it can provide the long tail keyword suggestions.  It has been called that the suggestion bar is the heart of this tool. If your competitors do not use this tool, but you do then that will be an advantage for you.  From there you will be able to get the underperforming terms very easily. Keyword finding is important, but more than that it is important to find the long tail keywords. These are the keywords which are used by the internet users most for internet searching. The HitTail will suggest you such long tail keywords very efficiently.

HitTail always concern of the existing traffic before providing the customers the keyword suggestions. So the provided keywords will be perfect for increasing the new traffics and maintaining existing traffic. For the analyzing of the keywords, this tool will offer you various displays. All the data will be protected on very much secured pages. So this tool is perfect for the blogs and all the business related sites.

HitTail discount

Different Attractive Plans and Discount

All the features we have mentioned above are available to the Personal Plan of HitTail. The customers of this plan will get 200 keywords in each month from the Google Webmaster Tool. On the day of writing this review, the monthly price of this plan was 9.95 USD. Other three plans have some additional features which have made those more powerful. The customers of those plans will be allowed to ask the HitTail team to provide keyword based articles. They can also export the keywords and keyword data to the excel sheet. They will get alerts for the keyword suggestions and that is why they will get new ideas instantly.

Most importantly, all these plans are for working with multiple languages. The Pro plan is for working with 500 monthly keywords. Business and Agency plans are about 1.5 thousand and 4 thousand keywords. The monthly prices of these three advanced plans are respectively 19.95, 39.95 and 79.95 USD excluding the discount.

Therefore please buy with HitTail discount. Get the long tail keywords based website’s traffic software with coupon.