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Hi Slider discount

Create jQuery Sliders using Hi Slider

For the web designing tasks, the high quality image sliders are very much popular. All the professional web designers are using these contents to make their websites more professional. Really, these can make the sites eye-catching. No matter what is the type of the websites, the main target of the owners is to attract more visitors. So this kind of image gallery option will attract a high number of them that’s for sure. But how you can provide these to your websites that is the questions. Actually, you can do this without help of any kind of coding. In doing so, Hi Slider can help you. This tool has so many features which can be described. If the review of Hi Slider impressed you, then purchase it from our site with the discount coupon. To receive the coupon, no additional discount code is needed. Some of those are:

Time Saving Easy Tool

The Hi Slider is of course a fast and easy to use tool. The person who has no coding experience will be able to create a fabulous jQuery image slider by this. After creating the contents, you will be able to publish those to the targeted websites in just minutes. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites are supported by this tool. Hi Slider is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Templates and Transition Effects

Hi Slider is the tool which has brought different types of transition effects. Various designs have also been added to this. You will get the horizontal, vertical and rotational effects in this tool. Using all these, you can get the 3D looking outputs very easily. You may think that, it is mandatory to use the built in effects all the time. But actually those are fully customizable. You can easily apply additional features on those to make those more suitable for your project. Similarly, various types of templates and skins are also available. These will let you create many jQuery image sliders in the quickest possible time. Some of the templates are Versatile, Fly and Wonder.

Commercial License Pricing and Discount

First of all, you can choose the Personal Version of this software. But if you are looking for enjoying all the advanced features, the Commercial License should be purchase. At the time of writing this post, the price of the Commercial Version of Hi Slider was only $49.00 without any kind of promo code. Actually, this is the reduced price because the original cost for this is $69.00. There are three main advantages that can be achieved from the Commercial Version. First of all, it will let you remove the watermark of Hi Slider from the image slider. The Personal Version of this product will never let the output contents to use in the commercial sites. But this advanced license will let you use all the necessary items to the commercial sites. Perhaps the best feature of this paid license is it includes several templates and skins. With the help of these, you will be able to generate your contents in the quickest possible time.

The Hi Slider discount makes it easy for you to purchase the product by reducing the price. We hope you are satisfies with our coupon service.