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HelpOnClick Review and Features

Some companies are there which have offered the live customer chat software. Some of those provides the virtual agent facility. And of course there are some chat software programs which have been integrated with the virtual agent facilities. HelpOnClick is little different than those. Here you can find separately the live chat software and the virtual agents. Both are available for different pricing and plans. You can rely on these products and services of because these have been used in large number of websites. From this review, you will be able to know the features and pricing of these. So, please purchase the live chat & help desk software with discount and avail HelpOnClick coupon.

Amazing Chat Software

The HelpOnClick chat software is very impressive and advanced than the others. In just same chat panel, it will let you create different departments. Each of the departments can be integrated with separate websites. So the chat agents will be able to engage the visitors of all your websites. It will let you choose the theme and icons for the chat box. The texts can also be customized with ease. Multiple chat facility has made the live chat software of HelpOnClick very impressive. You can easily access the chatting session from your computer and mobile devices. Even the visitor’s messages can be replied using the SMSs. In the chat window, Facebook and Google+ can be integrated.

HelponClick discount

Virtual Chat Agent

HelpOnClick provides very impressive Virtual Chat Agent. The virtual agents will deal with the visitors and let them know about your business or products. But that does not mean you just have to rely on this facility. The main operators will do the chatting the visitors during their working period. But when they will go offline, only then the HelpOnClick Virtual Chat Agent will reply the visitors. You can easily set answers for some common questions to this automated system. And then it will provide those answers to your customers perfectly.

Completely Reasonable Coupon Code & Pricing

First of all let’s talk about the pricing of the Live Chat Software of HelpOnClick. You can purchase this for different numbers of seats or agents. Suppose you want to get this for 1 or 2 seats, the monthly cost for each seat will be 11.4 USD. Similarly, from 3 to 5 seats, the necessary cost will be USD 8.4 per month. You can also enjoy this Live Chat Software by only USD 6/month/seat for equal or more than 15 seats. Now let’s come to the HOC Virtual Agent pricing. It also has several options. The smallest plan is for USD 11/month and it for 10 chats per day. The largest plans is for dealing with 130 chats per day. You have to pay USD 155.4/month for this as per this post writing time. No matter which one you get, one free agent seat will be included in those.

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