Helicon Ape Discount and Get Fantastic Coupon in 2022

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Helicon Ape Discount

Apache Server is a cross platform web server, which is completely open sources. Sometimes, you may need to use the configuration models of this platform into the Microsoft IIS. In such a case, the Helicon Ape can be used very efficiently.

Review and Features of Helicon Ape

HeliconTech is a popular software company. It does not provide a big number of products. But, each of the products of this company is rare and useful. It offers a great product for the Microsoft Internet Information Services. This server is widely used by so many professionals. If you are one them, then you may need to use some Apache configuration models into it. This task cannot be done efficiently if you do not have a suitable emulator. Helicon Ape is an amazing emulator for this task. This Apache emulator comes with a big number of features and facilities. Hence, please get the reviewed web data based support software with discount and obtain the Helicon Ape coupon.

User Friendly Solution

Helicon Ape is not a very difficult tool to use. It provides a user friendly manager, which supports various operations. Some of these operations are editing, highlighting, and testing utilities. All these operations can be performed from a single place with ease. Any kind of plain text configurations is supported by this software. That means, you don’t have to deal with the XML. Helicon Ape is compatible with various applications and platforms you need. For example, it helps to transition from the Apache websites to the MS IIS without any modification. Similarly, it supports PHP and all kinds of Unix oriented web programs.

helicon ape

Helicon Ape Discount and Pricing Plans

Anyone can predict a big price for the Helicon Ape. But, there is a good news. Though this Apache emulator for Microsoft IIS comes with so many useful features, its cost is still affordable. It has two different licenses. Sometimes, you may need to install this on only a single website. In such a case, the Web Site License of this product is suitable. It can be purchased by paying only 47 USD, as per this post creating time excluding the discount. Helicon Ape can also be installed on a virtual or physical machine. In such a case, the Web Server License should be purchased by paying only 145 USD. Both these licenses have a lifetime validity. That means, you don’t have to pay any recurring fee. And, a volume discount facility is available with both these products.

Top Class Security

For any kind of web server solutions or emulators, a DoS attack is very much harmful. That is why, you have to select such a tool, which can protect against these attacks. Helicon Ape has the ability stop these attacks. Different types of web request debugging facility are another great thing offered by this solution. It will let you customize the user authentication setting whenever it is necessary.

Therefore, gain with Helicon Ape discount and please purchase the web data based support software with coupon in 2022.