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HardInfo discount

A Short Review of HARDiNFO

Just like the other software companies, the Ultimate Systems always try to offer essential software for the computers. And at the same time, the products of this company are affordable and useful. Those products can be suitable for different kinds of computer users. The HARDiNFO is one of the unique type of software of this brand. It can be considered as fully reliable CPU benchmark solution. Entire system info can be detected by this software very easily. This all-in-one solution has so many features to talk about. Get the advantages of this excellent all-in-one solution with the discount coupon. We have tried to focus on the main features in this post.

Advanced System Monitoring

No matter what is the number of cores of the processor, HARDiNFO will monitor the usage of that. Similarly the memory usage of the RAM can also be detected by this product. If your PC is connected with the network, it will be very important to know about network traffic. This software of Ultimate Systems will monitor the traffics very efficiently. The IP addresses included on the networks can also be monitored by this software. You can detect the power on and off time of each of the computers on the network by this tool and this product will inform you about the open ports where devices can be connected. Get the benefits of the outstanding functionalities with the HARDiNFO coupon.

PC Performance Analyzer

The HARDiNFO can provide the users the computer hardware information. Motherboard and storage info can be detected instantly with this. You can compare the performance of your computer with that of some others. To help you, this software has the CPU Benchmark tool. The adapter and storage benchmarks have also been added to this product. Advanced graphical user interface and hardware inventory are the other important features of the software. So you can easily store the computer hardware info in a safe database. Containing all the necessary information, this software will provide you detailed reports of HTML or text formats.

Amazing Pricing Plans and Discount

For all kinds of powerful tools, pricing should be considered first. Many people think that cost for high quality products are very high. But this is not the same for all. The product is an example of that. This powerful solution has two paid versions and the price of each of those is reasonable. The Professional License of this software will cost you 25.97 USD excluding the discount. This one has all the features discussed above. And the price of Enterprise License of HARDiNFO is 495 USD before 2017. This solution has various advantages. Very efficient network scanner and Hardware inventory programs have been integrated into this. For tracking the traffics details, this software has the network traffic analyzer. It offers the live network monitoring utility. Just like the other products of Ultimate Systems, this one also has a free edition.

So, use our coupon to purchase this multi-functional product. We believe that the HARDiNFO discount is a stair case for you to reach the product easily.