Gravity Forms Pricing | Get Review for the WP Forms Plugin

Form generators can be of different types. Some can create basic forms only, and some can generate all kinds of advanced forms. You can be sure that Gravity Forms is one of the best for creating solutions among them.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Review

The reasons why you can choose Gravity Forms have been discussed below. Gravity Forms can be highly recommended if you want a form creator for your personal or business sites.

Build Forms with Styles

In very little time, you can create forms with the help of this tool. You can add several fields and custom bars to your forms very easily. All the tools needed to create perfectly suitable forms for the WordPress sites have been added here. For the boxes of the forms, you can add the entry limits. So that the users cannot input unnecessary information. Standard and advanced fields can be embedded into the website forms. It can be done with the help of Gravity Forms. The important thing is it has the ability to create a single page as well as multipage forms. Creating the order forms is very easy for this tool. It can deal with all the payment gateways and shopping carts.

Gravity Forms review

Special Features of This Tool

Conditional logic form creating capability is one of the unique features of the Gravity Forms. The entry management system will provide great flexibility in developing and managing the forms. You don’t have to worry about the layouts and designs of the forms. Because so many of those have been included in Gravity Forms. Another extraordinary feature of this tool is its notification system. That means you can get the notification for the form filling very quickly. Validity time for each form can be set with the help of Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Pricing

Each of the three existing pricing plans for this product is very attractive. Among those, the Personal Licenses is the lightest. The features of this plan are available to all the other plans. You can create unlimited forms with unlimited entries by using it. The spam protection system is another excellent advantage of the Personal Plan. The plan can be purchased for 39 USD with one-year validity.

The price of the Business Plan of Gravity Forms is only 99 USD. The advantage of this plan is it can be used for three different websites. All the basic form add-ons have been included with this license. To get all the basic form add-ons with the advanced ones, you can buy the developer license for 199 USD yearly price. The advantage of the Developer License of Gravity Forms is it supports unlimited websites. IT also supports multiple WordPress sites.