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GraphPlayer discount

GraphPlayer Reviews

GraphPlayer helps internet marketers to keep internet traffic on their websites by allowing them to share video content from social media site Facebook, YouTube, etc. In order to increase sales and reach out to their customer easily. It is a software that is super easy to use and it doesn’t require any super technical knowledge. All the user has to do is copy the link or designated line of code and paste wherever they want to showcase onto their website. So, please purchase the most powerful video player & marketing software with discount and avail the GraphPlayer coupon.

GraphPlayer starts at a price as low as $47 along with all the latest technological features allowing users to Like, Share and Autoplay videos on both mobile phones and desktop flawlessly! This is certainly a software which gets rid of other competition from all the platforms out there.

Features of this Program

The software enables users to add 2 video sources which lets users play horizontally for desktop and vertically for mobile. It also has the feature which plays GIFs on mobile phones rather than playing short videossaving the user from unnecessary clicks. For the business version of this software, it has features such as advance social sharing options, timed content below video, custom video contents.And an option to add watermark on user video previews. Then there are their customization options such as setting the height and width of the video or changing the appearance of how the video should be portrayed. Looping feature is available as well since it is important for cinema graphs and short viral videos.

GraphPlayer discount

Benefits of the Features

GraphPlayer helps keep track of every visitor that watches their video on their website from Facebook which lets users get to know better about their potential customer or targeted audience. Users get to cut out a lot of expenses as this software doesn’t charge a single cent for hosting videos since it doesn’t have any hosting fees. Videos from YouTube can be played along with all the features without having the user pay or buy any upgraded version of the software. Last but not least, users get to avoid the steep cost for major video services for marketing and get access to latest high tech technology all thanks to GraphPlayer.

Pricing Method and Discount

The prices and payments for GraphPlayer are subscription based and it starts at $47 per year and then $67 per year and lastly $97 per year excluding the discount. It also have the 30 day money back policy so that just in case a user changes his/her mind they can get their money back!

Therefore please get with GraphPlayer discount. Buy the most powerful video player & marketing software with coupon.