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GPS Tracker Data Logger Coupon

If you offer a transportation facility for your employees and clients, they have to use this facility for the official purposes. But, some of them may use this facility for their personal purposes also. That is why, you have to monitor where they go by using the official vehicles. GPS Tracker Data Logger is an efficient solution, which can help you to track these vehicles.

GPS Tracker Data Logger Review

We know that a GPS tracker can let us know where a particular device or vehicle is. Using such a GPS tracker is not a difficult task anymore, if you want to track only one vehicle. But sometimes, it can be necessary to deal with so many vehicles at a time. In such a case, it is not possible to deal with such a big number of cars without using a suitable software solution. You can rely on the GPS Tracker Data Logger for performing this operation. This is a popular product of the AGG Software. Hence, buy the reviewed vehicle data tracking tracker device with coupon and obtain the GPS Tracker Data Logger discount.

Supports Different Packets

The GPS Tracker Data Logger is a powerful software, which can receive and process different types of data packets. These packets can be ASCII or binary. As there are so many types of GPS tracker, this software can deal with all of those. After collecting a big collection of data, it is very important to log that. This product of AGG Software can do this task without making any modification. Different filters are added to this product also. GPS Tracker Data Logger supports a big collection of plugins. These plugins can be used for calculating and modifying the data before exporting that in a database.

Very Easy Conversion

After collecting the data from different trackers, you may need to export that to a server. This task can easily be done with the help of GPS Tracker Data Logger. It can integrate all the data collected from different trackers. And then, it can import this collection to a server at a time. That means, this software can perform such an operation in a quick time. Its intuitive interface will never ask for any kind of programs or codes to perform any operation.

GPS Tracker Data Logger Coupon and Pricing

Like all the other products of the AGG Software, GPS Tracker Data Logger also has different pricing options. Its Enterprise License comes with different numbers of trackers. Suppose, you need only 30 trackers. In this case, only $225 should be paid without the promo code. In the case of 50 trackers, $270 should be paid as per this post creating time. To purchase this software with 200 trackers, you have to pay only 499 USD. Similarly, GPS Tracker Data Logger can be purchased with unlimited trackers. In such a case, the price will be only 1699 USD. You can get a remote development facility with any of these licenses by paying an extra fee.

In conclusion, please take with GPS Tracker Data Logger coupon and have the vehicle data tracking tracker device with discount.