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GoodSync Features and Review

No matter you are using strongly secured computer, the necessary data can be damaged anytime. You may make your system highly secured, but what if the device got damaged? So it is very important to use very strong backup solution to secure all the files and folders. There are so many solutions which can be recommended for this task. Among those items, the GoodSync is very useful one. So, please purchase the best file sync & backup software with coupon and get GoodSync discount. It can be recommended for the following reasons:

Multiple Synchronization Processes

The GoodSync is available with multiple synchronization processes. One of those is the one-way synchronization which is very easy to setup. The bi-directional synchronization is more powerful and efficient. In this process, this backup solution can automatically detect changes and create backups for those. Very effective sync algorithm will be used by the GoodSync. Manual file monitoring will not be required for this product. By considering the file statues, it can do the job automatically. But for the real time synchronization, the file monitoring will be necessary. For the better analyzing, this product will do this task very efficiently.

GoodSync coupon

Copying and Encrypting

The GoodSync is very impressive for encrypting the files by the 256 bit AES encryption program. Even it can provide very strong security to the backup files if these are stored in the cloud. This one can copy all the selected files. Locked files and extended attributes can also be copied with the help of this powerful solution. GoodSync is not like the ordinary tools which can deal with the single thread at a time. Multiples treads can be handled by this product in parallel. The user interface of this software is very much impressive and easy to use. From there, you can check the status of all the current jobs. From there you can select single files for the synchronization. And this tool can also work with entire folder at a time.

Very Attractive Coupon Code & Pricing

There are some backup solutions which are available only for the Widows platform. But the GoodSync is available for both the Windows and Mac platforms. And the price for each of those editions are exactly the same. As per the time when this post has been written, the cost for each of those is $29.95 except the coupon. This license is only for one computer only. You can also purchase the license for single USB. And from the USB drive, you will be able to use the GoodSync in multiple computers. In this case, you have to pay $39.95. Just like the previous case, the GoodSync2Go is also available for Windows and Mac platforms. The Enterprise Server edition of this product is also available. The price of this one is only 995 USD. This solution can be used in the Windows and Mac servers.

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