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Gilisoft File Lock coupon

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Gilisoft File Lock Review

It is completely incredible and popular software in the software market. From the study of the statistics of this market, the information is clear that it has more 25 million users around the world. This is a tool which has strong goodwill. It allows locking the file. It also helps to hide the file. For that, users will enjoy extra security by using this software. If the overview of Gilisoft File Lock impressed you, then purchase it from here without the promo code offer. To have the discount on it, no additional coupon code is required.

Facilities and Its Gems

Gilisoft File Lock is all in one software for the user. It has many features and one feature is hiding the files. It can hide user’s personal file, therefore no one will be able to find it. Even this is possible in any circumstance, even though in Windows safe mode. It not only hides files and folders it also hides the drives if the user needs to do so. It monitors the PC very easily. It monitors all the works related to files are going on. If any changes made to the disk or folder, the notification will automatically go to this software. In this way the user will be able to get notified about the changes in the devices made. It has a strong security service. If anyone wants to read blocked folders it is not possible. Even third party will not be able to modify, delete, format or reformat the drive without having password. Therefore, no risk of getting stolen the information’s by cyber criminals. It also allows to have write protected files. All can read the write protected files, but no one will be able to modify, delete or edit the write protected files without the password.

Easy To Use

Gilisoft File Lock has very easy system. Everyone will be able use it easily because the system is not complex. It helps block the files, hide the files and make them write protected very easily. Simply all these process can be done with windows explorer.  User also may try to drag and drop files in the main menu. If user forgot their password they can retrieve it through email.

Coupon Code & Pricing of Gilisoft File Lock

Gilisoft File Lock is widely known for its abilities.  More than 25 million users are benefited from it and you can be the next if you want to get benefited from this incredible one. This software is really cheap and it’s quite affordable. This software is only for $34.95 dollars. This is the pricing without the promo code. This price quite in range general people and this is what makes it more important to purchase for all.

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