GifPublishr Discount: Have Cool Coupon and Pricing in 2019

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GifPublishr Discount

Instead of using an ordinary image, it is better to use a GIF to grab more attention. You can use such content to run many profitable campaigns on social media. Gifpublishr is a helpful solution for running these campaigns.

Small Review of the Gifpublishr

There are different types of social automation tools. Most of these tools can create some generate posts on various social platforms. But, I want to talk about a tool, which is specialized for creating so many posts with the GIF files. The name of this software is Gifpublishr. Many of us struggle to grab a big traffic. We spend a lot of money to purchase some auto-pilot tools. But, we often fail to get the desired result. This cloud based software can solve this problem. It can collect a GIF file from different sources. And then, it will make some social posts with it to bring more traffic. Hence, obtain the reviewed web based social marketing software with discount and avail the GifPublishr coupon.

Easy GIF Importing

We know about different social automation and traffic generation tools. The most of these tools cannot import from different sources. But, Gifpublishr is capable of importing the GIFs from different sources. First of all, you can upload a GIF file directly. Sometimes, you may not have the downloaded GIFs. In this case, a URL of that file can be inserted. Even, it is possible to insert the URL of an entire site full of GIFs. Then, it will import all these files at a time. It has a powerful search facility too. This search bar will ask for a keyboard to provide some related GIFs. After collecting one or more files, Gifpublishr will let you publish that on different social networks.


GifPublishr Discount and Pricing Option

As this software is capable of dealing with some GIF files, it is capable of getting a big traffic in a quick time. But, that does not mean, you have to pay a big amount for it. As per 20 February 2018, this software can be accessed by paying only 37 USD without the discount. As it is a cloud based solution, there is no need to download anything for it. Gifpublishr provides an impressive dashboard. From this single dashboard, you will be able to control unlimited social accounts. After logging in to one account, it can synchronize all the pages and groups with that account. This tool supports some popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Creates Scheduled Posts

Gifpublishr provides some auto-pilot features too. It can automatically import some relevant GIFs depending on a keyword. All you need to add a description for the post. Then, this software will add that description and make the posts. A scheduled posting facility has made this software more powerful. Gifpublishr will help you to create a routine. It will make the posts on the desired date and time by following that routine.

Therefore, please gain with GifPublishr discount and have the web based social marketing software with coupon in 2019.