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GFXMark Pro and The Review

GFXMark Pro is considered as an image watermark solution for the Windows platform. Through this tool, you will be able to watermark the corresponding photos as well as the images by which you can protect your project on the internet section. This ensures the way to detect the brightness of the images and after that it will adapt the corresponding watermark color by depending on the brightness of images. It holds some functions like Brightness-Aware Watermark Colour and the Brightness-Aware Watermark Opacity etc. In fact; the users can use this solution instead of Lightroom and Photoshop to ensure the watermark process in any photo. Have this cool alternative of Photoshop and Lightroom with our coupon offer.

Rich Functions of This

GFXMark Pro holds the system to detect the image brightness in an automatic way. In the dark image section, this system can also be managed in a flexible way. It offers the user friendly interface section with the supportive options. With the dark design system, you can manage more focus in any work. Then, the image frame section can be handled for the task of auction. In this category, you will observe the term to create the colored frames in any photo for the online based auctions like eBid, ebay, OnlineAuction, WeBidz, Overstock and so on. In fact; the photos having the colored frame can manage the selling process in a faster way. Take advantage of the rich function with GFXMark Pro discount.

Active Features Within GFXMark Pro

One of the best features under this program is the copy protection system of any photo. To add the digital watermark in the corresponding image or photo, some active tools are issued here. In case of adding the text or the image watermark system with the transparency, some creative functions are offered here. Here, you can add font, opacity or the colour format for the watermark section. Besides, this is also ensures a new way to add the transparent image under the watermark system. Then, the single or the tiled watermark can also be attached in any image. By depending on the image ratio, the image resize method is available here.

Additional facilities: Inside GFXMark Pro, there is the opportunity to add the custom suffix system for the desired filenames. Then, according to the choice, you can customize the angle of the watermark image in the raw file. Then the diagonal lines can be managed here with the custom transparency and colours. Here, some more conditions are also assured here like live previewing system for the corresponding image, SEO format with creative mood and so on.

Price and our Coupon: To get the premium version of GFXMark Pro, you will be asked only $29 excluding the coupon. This is affordable for a single license and it can also be applied for professional case. Inside the license, all the technical supports are also assured.

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