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GeoCraft Discount

GeoCraft Review

GeoCraft has been designed for the users for many purposes. One of the main reasons of creation of this application is to generate lists. It helps to generate the business listing. Users will be able to get the premium level of business listing. List of the business plays a very important role. The business listing shows the amount of potential on the market. So therefore, users can use GeoCraft for having better business listing. So that later the admin can view the listing and approved the listing. So, in this GeoCraft can be useful. So, please purchase the reviewed business directory wordPress theme with discount and obtain the GeoCraft coupon.

Benefits of GeoCraft

GeoCraft allows the users to do the business listing and send it to the admin. Automatically the admin will make the list live for the users. So therefore, when users use this application, the listing of the business will be much easier. So, users will be able to broadcast their business listing. Users will be able to monetize their own site. Monetization is one of the main things of the business that helps the users to push the traffic on the business. The monetization also helps the users get a lot of profit based on followers. Users can get the monetization on the pricing plan. Therefore, whoever visits the pricing plans provides the money to the business even though they do not buy anything.


The lead capture system of this application is fascinating for the users. Users can capture more leads using this application. The more the leads the users have the better it is for the business. The list helps to bring the business owners and customers together. Customer can ask questions to the business owner directly through lead system. GeoCraft also help the users to search for the google map location. So that users can find the location of the business. So that it becomes easier for the customers to locate the place of the business. So that customers can easily bring people to the business.

Display Advertisement

GeoCraft allows the users to display advertisement. So therefore, when the users will be able display advertisement, there is a better chance to earn money for the business. So the advertisement will not only help to promote the business, but also develop the business for the users.

GeoCraft Discount and Pricing

GeoCraft offers 2 packages. The development package is 29.40 dollars for the users without the discount. The single site license is only 18.10. With developer license users get develop the application. The program has a user rating system so that it can be seen the preference of the users. Users can import their business listing using this tool. Users can also export the listing. There can be a customized widget to see the business listing. Users also will be able to see the customer listing as well.

Therefore, please purchase with GeoCraft discount. In the conclusion, have the business directory wordPress theme with coupon.